Using Nups on Virtual box on Mac

Oh boy I can finally Beat Montressor like I beat my own self este-

fuck you too multipatch

But wait- I have virtual box, I can load windows!

Let’s see, what version of windows do i have again?

Yum yum.

So I’ve got Nups now, I patch the thing and it works. I dun didit.

Now I’ve got no clue where it is cause i can’t find it, or how to move it onto my mac or whatever.

Please help?

That’s simple as long as you can access Internet in the virtual machine, isn’t it? (Why don’t you just patch it on your smart phone?)

No internet on my virtual box, so nope.

Got no clue how to use my phone for this stuff, should i keep trying to do it on my laptop or just figure out how to use my phone

either use a bridged network connection or a shared folder (these shouldb e options from before you start the VM)

You might be able to get away with copy/paste from the VB to your main machine if you have two way clipboard enabled. I don’t remember if this feature only works with text or if it works with files too.

Or I could whip up a pure-Python command-line UPS patcher in like literally half an hour instead, if I don’t already have one lying around somewhere.

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Shared files work just fine, so i’ll just use that once i find wherever the game is.

I’ve never used Nups, but I assume the gba file is named after the ups patch and put in downloads? Is it moved somewhere else by virtual box?

NUPS will write the patched file to wherever you tell it to

Don’t see where I can tell it where to save stuff. Is it just me being really stupid again or

It directly modifies the “File to Patch”.

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Thanks, it works now