Use free online service to assist the routine analysis

Online Decompiler

sample : the routine at 0x80070AC in FE7J
Upload the binary sample, set options correctly and click “Decompile!”

View and save the results:

It is easy to understand what this routine does by reading the decompiled C code or the control-flow graph:

Input 28,51,57,62,63,65, return 1; otherwise return 0. (In fact, it returns whether the height needs a fix according to the index of the portrait.)

Online Disassembler

Not all hackers are proficient in C. Besides, not all routines are written in C.
sample : the routine at 0x80000FC in FE7J
Upload the binary sample:

Set options correctly:

It is an interactive disassembler, so you can set this later:

right click-> convert to code:

the graph view:

Zoom in/out and drag it freely:


I don’t know what any of this means but it looks cool and useful!!!

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I saw this thread and almost panicked because i thought it was a spambot thread


That looks incredibly useful thanks!

I will definitely check this out at some point!