Update to the rules

A few minor things, and then a big one, changes to The Rules.

In the section labeled If You See a Problem, Flag It, the following text was added (new stuff bolded):

…the moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

If you would like to contact the staff privately, you can send a direct message to the staff as a whole as follows:

  • From anywhere on the forum, hit the c key to open the composer.
  • In the top left of the composer, hit the + button next to Create a new topic, and select New Message
  • In the add a user field, add the staff group.

In the section labeled Post Only Your Own Stuff, the following paragraph was added:

…or for breaking any other law.

You should take special care when posting projects that use someone else’s work, such as an art or writing asset. We default to assuming that art assets are not available for use unless explicitly stated to be so, and it is the project creator’s responsibility to secure permission. Note that such permission can be conditional, such as “free to use with credit given”.

Before the final section (before the section titled Terms of Service), the following section was added:

Content Policy

In addition to the above guidelines, in order to ensure that our community remains welcoming and engaging to all, we are requiring that all posted projects adhere to the FEU Content Policy.

This thread will tentatively remain open for comments, both on the content policy and the rest. These have been under discussion for a while now; we got a bit sniped by the recent thread on “mature content”, but we hope to have addressed people’s concerns.


You may want to consider linking the ESRB Ratings Guide if you’re going to adopt its system.

Added, plus links to equivalent systems outside North America.