Untradeable allies?

has there been anything done for this? I want to have generic ally units that basically act as controllable mooks. But I don’t want the player be able to horde their weapons.

is it possible to set ‘trade-locks’ on certain character ID’s? because that’s essentially what I’m looking for.

You have to do code but it sounds like an easy thing to do

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Can’t you just use the supply ability from the character abilitys? I think there is one that disables trading.

that was the plan, yes but the supply ability has a lot of other weird stuff that we don’t want so we have to isolate the untradable bit, hence code

Like the phantom?

I can hax together an ability that alters the way trade is enabled. I can make it look for a certain ability or character ID, if you want. Why not just use the dead!Nils slot though, or something?