[UNITY] Fire Emblem 3 Deluxe

Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem Deluxe Edition (or FE3 Deluxe) focuses on modernizing its gameplay mechanics while restoring previously cut content from Book 1.

  • Contains 66 playable characters, with 52(+6) in Book 1 and 49(+4) in Book 2.
  • Contains a total of 49 chapters, with 25(+5) in Book 1 and 24 in Book 2.



  • Content missing from Dark Dragon and Sword of Light was restored.
  • Can switch between the American & British English localization.
  • Every village can be visited by any playable unit besides Marth.


  • Only two items to promote units now, the Master Seal & the Echo Seal.
  • Mounted units wielding lances will now dismount to the Soldier class.
  • New weapons & items were added to the game, including the Seastone.
  • Both Casual & Classic mode are available with Normal & Custom mode.


  • Both weapon & item inventories were combined for easier use.
  • Item management has been modernized with new QOL features.
  • Menus were revamped and a new combat forecast has been added.
  • Preparations menu now provides the option to reposition units.

Okay I’ve been working on this for over a year and I figured it’s time to showcase what I have ready so far. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done but units are able to move around and act while the AI can do the same (albeit stupidly).

Unfortunately it’s going to be a while before I can ask for playtesters but feel free to share any feedback based on what’s shown so far.


  • Jonathan Parham - For creating the tutorial this project was based on.
  • Canasniimehugh/atmaweapon of Spriters’ Resource - For providing various FE3 sprite sheets.
  • Celice of Serenes’ Forest - For providing various SNES weapon icons.
  • Quirino of Serenes’ Forest - For providing a translated title screen.
  • Rosiero of Serenes’ Forest - For providing multiple unused songs.
  • Vyland/Biraku Emblem - For providing multiple Book 1 portrait sprites.
  • enigmaxtreme - For creating the initial image for this game’s title screen.
  • Serenes Forest - For providing several resources such as game data, music, calculations and more.

Planning a demo release for November 2020.


ok but are you removing kris?


Kris never existed in FE3 to begin with.


On one hand, this means that Katarina, Legion, and the other assassins won’t be in, but the lack of avatar is more than worth the price of admission.

Will Wrys appear?
Or will Vulnerary appear instead?


I’ve never beaten any version of fe1, including the remakes, so I’m excited to see where this goes, especially cause the graphics of fe3 have always interested me. Can’t wait for more info and screenshot, as well as the eventual demo.

Adding Shadow Dragon’s and New Mystery’s content on top of what needs to be done for 2 books would of been too much. I had to draw the line somewhere.

Yes! I’m going to need a FE3 style portrait eventually but Wrys will be available in the first chapter of Book 1.

Thanks for the support!


This looks dope, looking forward to eventually playing it