Unit not working properly

1st Problem: When I used the Unit Placer in Chapter 2, and when the event executed, I pressed the R Button and it won’t display the unit’s stats, and when I recruited it, all the item durabilities have been set to 0.
2nd Problem, when I went to the preparations screen this happened.

What am I doing Wrong?

We can only take guesses at what the problem is if you don’t send any extra information we can use. Send a report 7z.

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Thanks, I found out what I’m doing wrong, the Class was set to a Gorgon Egg, so I managed to go through the Hardcoding trouble and set it correctly. On top of that I managed to remove the background of bosses such as the Necrodragon (Dragon Zombie) Demon King, and Manakete, through the Hardcoding.

Glad you got that resolved. One bit of advice though: Do NOT mess with the eggs unless you really know what you’re doing. Their hardcoding is deep and I’m not sure if we’re aware of all of it yet.

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Hardcoding in febuilder is just the stuff we know about. You should not use classes with hardcoding as a rule of thumb unless you are a veteran hacker intentionally playing with fire. Just expand the class table instead.

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Also, it’s very useful for you to mention what kind of tools/hacking method you’re using: FEBuilderGBA is not the only way to hack GBAFE and shouldn’t be considered the default.

And, since you’re using FEBuilder, consider posting your questions in the FEBuilder thread where it’s more likely to be seen by 7743 (the creator and maintainer of FEBuilder) and other people who are familiar with it and are willing to help people.

Alright Thanks.