Unified Magic?

Is there a patch for FE8 that combines all three magic types into one? If there is, I’d like to try it out for hacking and such.

I don’t think what you’re proposing exists. You could change all the magic tomes to the same weapon type (say, anima) and then make all magic classes have an anima rank. Although I have to ask…why?

I want to get into GBA hacking, so I’ve been working on an FE1 remake in my free time. I wanted a patch like this to replicate the single type of magic in that game, but I really should have thought of that earlier. Thanks for your help.

It’s the simple workarounds that makes games work great, in my experience.

Bonus: Use this patch: [FE7,FE8] Display all weapon ranks your character has

Then change the weapon icon for whatever tome you use to a generic looking icon. Boom, FE13/14 tomes and nobody can tell the difference!

Now all I can do is cry that people are embracing casual emblem for design philosophy.

You could also use modular stat screen to display only the magic type you kept, although mss doesn’t have macros for the weapon rank page, im pretty sure