UkuleleJ's Shit-tastic Sprites

Figured I might as well make one for documentation’s sake. I’ve only been spriting for less than a month.

Here is my Rogue with Staves animation, spliced from a druid staff and the magic sword animation from the rouge class.

Here is my Bowsassin animation, I used M!archer as a base at the start, and freehanded the rest. I still need to fix the quiver spazzing out though, and it could be a little smoother.

Here is the critical animation.

And here is the scrapped concept of the Bowsassin critical, I got a tons of advice/criticism from r/fireemblem, and I really hope people like the new one better.


I’m pretty sure this could be set to some Soviet Russia music to great effect.



My shitty splice for Ghast’s Sacred Catastophe.

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The frames look like they’re going to jump around, the trim of the hat is above his eye in the mug but the frame has it more inbetween.

Didn’t notice that, thanks.

Revamped Bow Assassin Critical. I’m still not happy with in though.

Is that actually insertable? I’m pretty sure covering the screen in black is going to run into the tile limit or something.

I’m not entirely sure. I’ll let you know when I insert it.