Typical Introduction

As Obi-Wan once said, “Hello there”.

Dumb jokes aside, I’ve been ghosting and stalking this forum for quite some time now without actually bothering to make an account (mostly because I can’t sprite, hack or code for shit so wtf am I even supposed to talk about).

So why did I finally fall to the temptation? Because I wanted to make a bug report on the FEBuilder thread - only to realize that I somehow managed to reverse the bug that happened just before posting the report.7z file.

I suppose that means I’m stuck here now. Wonderful.


Lurkers need to get their butts out here so I can welcome them. Hope you enjoy FEU!


Hello, and welcome to FEU. It is always nice to see some lurkers un-lurk from the shadows and interact with the community.

There is no need to worry if you are currently lacking any skills; I am sure a lot of people here would be willing to help you in your hacking endeavors and help improve your hacking skills.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.