Tutorial for Blinking Animations?

I’ve been looking all around for a tutorial on how to make blinking frames (either just for FE6 or for a custom portrait) and all the links I’ve seen are 404’d. Anyone have an active tutorial? Or just willing to paste out the instructions here? Thanks in advance.

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get usenti, click the button thats pointed in the image, then select a 2x4 squares rectangle and put it in the thing
if you need a base for this kind of stuff, heres this

(the square on the top-left is just the outline color, you can remove it if you want)
on a side note, fe6 doesnt have blinking frames, if you need a list of all mugs heres this


Thanks for that, but I meant how to actually create blinking animations from scratch, say if I made a custom portrait. I remember a while ago reading something about moving the bottom row of pixels down a row, hen editing from there, but I can’t for the life of me recall the exact steps.

move them down about half the length of the entire eye. So 1 px for the really small ones and more for big ones. Just make sure that the fully closed frames are about 2 px tall (including top and bottom lids) and you should be all right. if nothing else just reference existing frames and improvise. it’s art, there is no cut and paste method.