Trying to make an HARDER and more FUN FE8 version! (Need Suggestions)

Before you ask:

Yeah, I know there’s a bunch of harder FE8 versions out there, but I wanted to try my own interpretation of hard (I mean, no harm on doing so, right?)

What I want to change:

  • Tower of Valni

“Why should I even go past the first level?”
I wanna probably add more loot (or more dropables, if I can) and add harder enemies, so you have more reason to go all the way up.

  • Better secret shops

Yeah, very basic, bur the fact that they don’t sell stat boosters until you beat the game it’s kinda bad.

  • More weapon variety

Most hacks I used just give all enemies Silver weapons, which is fine, but I wanted to be like “Hey, you didn’t expected an lancereaver here, didn’t ya?” and stuff…

  • More stealables

I mean, aside from treasures and the delphi shield and the no-crit shield, I really don’t remember what other thing you could steal, so I wanna add stuff like gems, elixirs, and other things that it’s not required, but can help if you can manage to steal it.

  • Better growths

Yeah, it’s basic, but it does help ig.

Tell me if you can, what else you would wanna see changed to make the game more harder/fun to play? (I don’t wanna make unfairly unbalanced like all enemies have brave weapons and stuff.)


I think it would be a cool idea. I think it would be cool to see hard mode bonus make a comeback even if they weren’t intentional in the first place.

Make cool monsters playable


Seconded the idea of making monsters available, from level 1 with their skills and promotions.
You could also change the tower and ruins to give you stat boosters or rare weapons as prizes in chests or hold by the bosses.
The secret shops could have their lineup altered and be opened in the map after completing the chapter, I understand why someone would want to keep stat boosters after the main story so the secret shops could have equipment one rank higher than the normal shops.

thracia steal

  • very fun and extremely rewarding mechanic

super canto

  • makes battles more interesting and mounted units more threatening

intimidating hm bonuses

  • easiest way to make everything hard

revamp enemy placement and revamp maps

  • crucial for making a hard game

I would suggest weakening Seth.
I know Seth is very FE8 defining but maybe make him weaker. Maybe make his growths bad, maybe his RES so he has an actual weakness against magic. Maybe give lower MOV because he got hurt in the fight in the start.

And also allow for the player to get warp earlier so it can be used in more creative ways, as in vanilla FE8 the options to use warp are limited by it’s late obtainability.


The tracia steal I was able to discover an patch that allow you to steal unequipped weapons from enemies, so that’s cool!

super canto I really dunno how to do >~<

Map I don’t reeeally wanna change anything since I’m bad at designing maps ^~^"

And hm bonuses I’m wondering… if I should boost enemy bases and growths, or just growths.

I’m still figuring out how hm bonuses work but I wanna them too

I’m still unsure about playable monsters, but the loot part I’m planning to implement! uwu

Very good suggestions! ^~^

The warp is an easy one to do, and Seth I’m planning on giving him either FE6 or FE7 Marcus’s bases, but keep his growths, so you can have an god seth, but his bases won’t allow him to just steamroll the game alone.

If Tower/Ruins are going to get a complete revamp that encourage using them often during a campaign I suggest duplicating your monster classes and slotting in a custom version that gives no EXP. Maybe only bosses give regular EXP. If you want the game to be harder, a natural side-effect of going through here would be overleveling. Changing relative power should cut off the EXP.

The tracia steal I was able to discover an patch that allow you to steal unequipped weapons from enemies, so that’s cool!

super canto I really dunno how to do >~<

Are you using FEBuilderGBA? Where you found the Steal+ skill there is also a Canto+

Map I don’t reeeally wanna change anything since I’m bad at designing maps ^~^"

  • You don’t need to do anything crazy. change a wall to a breakable wall and have enemy units target it. That creates another access point players aren’t used to.
  • Remove/move snags. I remember using them as choke points to bottleneck the enemy. If they are able to break more down and come around the bottleneck that’s something else to deal with.
  • Fog of war to hide changes you’ve made, like if you added a couple enemy fliers, or messed with enemy skills. Cloaking in fog prevents the user from seeing ahead. Be careful with this though since too nasty of a surprise coming out of nowhere isn’t hard, it’s just cheap.

Basically you don’t need to make massive changes, just little ones for the sake of positioning.

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Making supports faster would be great since standing on the same map for turns on end can be a little time consuming, I’d rather just gain it in like 5 turns, but that’s just me.

Buffing the Great Knight class would be nice since they’re really just bad, being weak against armor slayers and Horse slayers ain’t exactly pretty. Buffing their speed could be cool.

3rd Promotions can give the player more options to play around with.