Trying to create an hack about "Rebalancing" FE 7, whats your problems with FE 7?

Yeah, Im working on creating an simple but fun rebalance to FE 7, but I dunno what are the problems with fe7. Here what I plan to do:

  • Making Lyn mode actually fun with twists, weapons and more enemies.
  • I dont wanna change enemy placement (at most, their weapons) since I still want this to be FE 7, so, for now, Im just adding fun reinforcements to challenge the player. (like, Nomads in sacae for example.)
  • More stealables, so you have an reason to use (and even grind) Matthew and Legault!
  • New map sprites (and new animations in future too!)
  • Trying to do the whole 3x effectiveness weapons.

Do you guys want FE 7 weapons to change in any way? Whats your problems with FE 7? Because as much as theres so many hacks that change bases, I still felt like I wanted to play fe7 the way they created, but with more stuff on it…


Ok first
Welcome femboy san
I haven’t seen you
Good luck with your project

Mmmmm i would like to have the promotion trees
Skill system could be cool but I’m not a fan of it
But yeah I would really like to have options at the promotions to give more variety to the game

The other think i would like to have mmmm
Yeah ofc a really playable avatar character
Fe7 gives you the idea of an avatar but you does pretty nothing
If you could add more plot twist and making more branch chapters depending on the choices of your avatar could be cool

What else … Oh yeah
I would love to have Ninian not also as Dancer, give her a promotion where she is also a real manakere and same for her brother

What else … Mmmm
Oh yeah
Please include Al’s weapon please.
Al is the protagonist of the manga that take place in the same events of Sealed Sword
It would be cool to create that weapon in lore during the events of Blazing Sword

This is my personal taste
I would like more fixed ends
In Fe7 we have my favorite couple, Pent and Louise, is a perfect marriage, they depends so much each other and they are already A support
Could you force some other endings to make them more canonical ?

And yeah that’s everything I think I would like to see in a new Fe7

^^ i hope I’m not asking for too much

Hii Lukirioh sama, the Al sword Its an neat idea, I also plan on adding new weapons ig, but sadly I also wish fe 7 had an multiple promotion system, but sadly thats just fe 8. And all your other ideas are really cool too! Im still an noob on hackin, but ifI get better Imma try implementing them!

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Definitely thief promoting having steal. Either branch promotion or assassin retaining it.

Being able to steal weapons and capture are very difficult to balance so just droppable items would be good

If you will implement skillsys, maybe maximum of two to three only? This is only my preference though.

Maybe better shops? Please do not remove slim weapons, I love them

As for Ninian and Nils, if not promotion maybe higher lvl cap. I’m good even if they can’t attack

Lastly, that chapter where you rescue the prince. Please do not make it luck based, I have played rebalanced FE7 where I needed to rely on luck to clear it.

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OMG you gave me an idea about branch promotions in FE7 !!!
thieves promotes to rogue but if you use the scroll then they turn into Assassin’s !!!

So there’s a possibility that you can create or modify promotions items to make a class promoting to one or other superior class !!!

For example
Fighter with Ocean Seal becomes Berserks
Fighter with Orion Bolt beloved Warriors

This is just an idea
I don’t know if this could really works

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