TRSModify - Now Virus Free & Including My (Incomplete) Notes!


Hey y’all. Completely new to FEUniverse, but I’ve been around on SF for a while under a couple different usernames (including this one). Ages ago I posted this little project of mine over on SF and on my tumblr, but I forgot to make an account to post it here until just now.

If you’re in TearRing Saga’s tiny, tiny fanbase, you might’ve heard of TRSModify, a tool that allows for some limited hacking of TRS. It’s a nifty little program, but it comes with two significant issues:

  1. Most of it isn’t in English
  2. It comes packaged with a piece of malware

Since it’s a rather neat tool besides that, I decided to clean the folder of the offending bit of software and rerelease it. I also included the notes I’d started keeping to keep track of what different items in the menu meant/did. Since I don’t know Japanese, I had to deduce most of it via editing the game to see what happened, at least for things that weren’t completely obvious or already translated.

Note that I never actually got around to documenting a lot of the things I meant to, like the character names and titles or how to use some of the more complicated editors. My health seriously deteriorated a month or two later and by the time I started getting better I’d sorta lost interest in messing with it. But I figure someone who isn’t an ignorant monolingual moron can finish that work better than I could, if they cared to, and my notes were really only for me anyway.

I’d also strongly advise against clicking on the “CALC” button in the last menu, as that button is tied to the malware I removed and can crash the whole program. The other tools are safe and fine to use from this menu.

Get it here!