Tristan's music and sprites


Hello there! This is the typical thread everyone (especially spriters) makes to show off their stuff.
Here you’ll see the sprites and musical stuff I worked or I’m still working on.
Right now, if you want to use anything from there you’ll have to ask me personally, ONLY via Discord or forum DM. Later this will change by the way.

Some of these videos are a little old and weren’t made to be posted here so don’t be surprised to see “Follow Me!” as the in-game title.

Final Fantasy 5 - Battle theme | Hiraeth Ed.
Final Fantasy 4 - Battle theme | Hiraeth Ed.
Sword of Mana - Last battle theme | Mother 3 soundfont
Final Fantasy 6 - Blackjack | FE8 soundfont
Metroid Fusion Sector 5 ARC | FE8 Soundfont
Final Fantasy 6 - Edgar and Sabin | Hiraerh Ed.
Romancing SaGa 2 - Battle with kujinshi | FE8 soundfont
Final Fantasy 5 - Battle theme | SNESinGBA soundfont (coming soon!)
Fire Emblem 6 - Beneath a New Light | Hiraeth Edition
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red rescue Team - Mt. Thunder | Secret project
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red rescue Team - Mt. Thunder 2.0 | Secret project
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red rescue Team - Mt. Thunder 3.0 | Secret project
I made WAY more ports but I can’t show them off right now.
I’m also working on a full custom song right now, but I can’t show it yet since its a big WIP.


Two unnamed characters for a cancelled project:


Halsin, a character from the same project (the evil version was made for fun, never intended to use it):
Halsin%20para%20Hiraeth%202 Evil

A Roy I made a while ago:


Kid Goku:

Don’t ask about the purple eyes because I don’t know why either.

My Icons:



oh wow I like your spriting style despite it not being traditional, very cool
kid goku is the best goku

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I gotta agree with Skitty, your style is quite interesting and unique, and I’m all for it

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The tomes are amazing, definitely my favorite part

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I really like the portraits’ color choices and shading, but the parts not spliced could use some more work. Music is great overall.

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Love me some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon OST and those icons are looking crisp. :ok_hand:


I made a new version of Mt. Thunder from the first PMD. I’m happy with how it turned out, I think I won’t touch this song again in a long time.

EDIT: nevermind, I’ll probably make a 3.0 version of this song soon. That will be the last one for sure.

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Didn’t expect to make the new version today lol. Anyway, here is it:

I’ll avoid posting multiple versions of the same song in the future (unless there’s a significant amount of time between each other).

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