Trap Event Data Notes

Hmm, through my hax powers (disabling layers in VBA and MS paint) I’ve deduced that Mystery island is probably just Darkling woods. (pls ignore Vigarde)

Interestingly, this would be slightly inconsistent with what the game says, the game says Neleras Peak is in Darkling woods, but according to glow map and world map icons, it’s actually in Jehanna.

…unless this is just for the Black Temple or sth ¯_(ツ)_/¯

fun fact: the old official site suggests that neleras is actually in rausten. then again, fe cartography has always been a bit ???

hang on, the caer pelyn banner/glow does actually show up in chapter 11’s opening. i had a feeling i’d seen it before but my memory is ass and it’s been a while since i properly played fe8

Well, the good news is that spear trap is working.
The bad news is that I just learned that in FE6 chapter 21x enemy units don’t activate the instant fire traps or spear traps. In FE7 the instant fire trap is unused but they still removed the enemy exemption. And the spear trap I just added can also hit enemies. Urgh.

In other news, I apparently fixed the bug that makes canto activate after using the Attack or Staff command on traps and destroyed wall/snags.

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Well, I rewrote a bunch of stuff, but you can now toggle whether you want instant-fire traps, spear traps, and pre-placed mines to activate on enemies. I mean, pre-placed mines are kinda pointless if the enemy is gonna walk all over them (although potentially hilarious). However, the mines will still halt enemy movement when they move over them (unless they are a flier or thief). I think a lazy solution is to give the enemy character slots in that chapter the morph ability (I don’t think it does anything on its own) and then assign the morph ability to the move-over mine exemption.

Oh, and something else I noticed. If an enemy disables a trap or picks up a mine, there will be no text box surrounding the “disabled trap” or “recovered mine” text. I dunno why, don’t really care to find out. Just don’t put thieves in those chapters.

Do you have the source for all of the stuff you rewrote?

Do those work for FE8 as well, then? Or did something change between games?

Nothing to do with hallway traps, but picking up mines is in FE8 just fine. I figured I’d mention it since I bothered to check.

Yes… but it’s messy and stupid because I’m changing stuff in several places. I eventually need to slap together a complete patch and write event assembler definitions for the new stuff.

I haven’t even looked at FE8. It’s probably similar to FE7 though.

1 2 5 9
Are blank in the jump table for initialization. So someone looking to make a custom trap (cough dragons veins, dibs on 0x1(event 0x2)) can use one of these IDs+1 for their events.

That is, it subtracts 1 from the event type before looking it up in the jump table, so ballista (0x1) in events ends up as jump table 0x0.

This is FE8.


0x2 for sparkly random event tiles yes

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Hold on. In FE7, special tile 0x02 is used for snag/wall location and HP.
Destroyed snags/walls become special tile 0x03 (which is used to save destroyed snags/walls in suspend data)

So you might want to make sure that your FE8 dragon vein stuff doesn’t do anything weird with snags/walls (including the break snag/wall AI). Although, I think it will be okay since units normally can’t move onto snag/wall tiles, and it seems the AI searches for snags/walls by using terrain data instead of trap data.

That’s weird. I’ll use 0x6 then. It can be changed easily thanks to event installer.

Hey, @Gryz did you ever get any further with this? I kinda want to use some pre-placed light runes for something. Any notes, no matter how messy, would be appreciated.

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