Toughest boss ever? (vanilla & romhack)

One of the things I like about Fire Emblem is how tough some of the bosses can be for example

Everyone know this crazy guy

Sheesh only two guys were able to kill him Ike and Tibarn.


Dheginsea was perhaps the strongest boss in FE prior to the stat inflation introduced by the 3DS games. 50 str and def, 75 atk. Killing him isn’t super hard, but he was damn imposing for the time.


Medeus on H2 and above. He has 29 str, 30 skl, and 29 spd on H2, and 30 in all 3 on H3+. This means pretty much everyone gets 2RKO’d, and most will get ORKO’d. He can fall quickly with regalia/effective damage, but you may need to be willing to make some sacrifices.


Grima on Lunatic and Lunatic+ is a monster. 50 str, 45 spd, 50 in both defenses, 99 hp. Also has dragonskin, pavise, and ignis with rightful god, making these activations 80%. This means he basically quarters physical damage, and basically has an atk of 90. He’s so bulky that Falchion isn’t that strong against him. You want to stat stack and gang up on him to take him out.


FE16 has a lot of deadly bosses due to relic wielders having upwards of 70 atk, plus huge resistance to gambits and universal countering. There are also plenty of dangerous beast bosses like the turtle from the Linhardt paralogue, who has 4 massive health bars and huge physical durability. But my vote goes to Silver Snow’s final boss, Berserk Rhea. huge durability, massive range, you can only harm her on player phase due to her always using her staggering blow on EP, and you pretty much have to clear out the rest of the map before fighting her, exhausting your resources.


Lanmark from Ch. 25. Despite being a general, he’s blistering fast, having a spd stat of 24, and combined with his solid luck, he’s a dodgetank general. Also, he has 75 hp. He also holds the iron rune, making crit cheesing impossible, since thieves cap speed at 20 and can’t steal as assassins. While Ch 25x is filler, if you want it, you also have to finish him and seize in 25 turns, which also includes all the time spent getting to him, as ch 25 is a large map.


idk man Batta’s reputation as a beast precedes him. Always gives me trouble. :pensive:


My list of hardest bosses in FE games that I’ve played

4: Gen 2 Arvis
5: Gomez
6: Kel or Henning
7: Uberspear Vaida
8: Tirado or JP Riev
10: Dheginsea or Ashera
11: Medeus
12: Medeus
16: Edelgard (Blood of the Eagle and Lion, a moving boss with Raging Storm is insane) or the final boss of Silver Snow or Azure Moon

Havent played enough romhacks to name insane bosses; I know Lanmark is ridiculous due to capped speed and permanent iron rune but I haven’t played past* sieg mode; the rest of romhacks i’ve played to completion are too obscure or have no difficult bosses


ngl, henning from fe6 wrecked my bussy when i tried 8x


this man… he’s seen shit. he knows he is the shit.


that one guy on fates online who has a level 99 warping hana


*warps behind you* nothin’ personnel, nohrian


Man, it was so crazy when the demon king possessed Zephiel. I don’t know that I could’ve beaten him if they hadn’t given me Athos.

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If you didn’t count the 10th-star


Probably not even the hardest boss in Vestaria Saga but Nirving’s always the first one that comes to mind.

fucking nirving

This dude is a real bastard. He’s got Nim, which is a 3-range brave tome, and thanks to First Blood (=FE5 Vantage), he always gets to go first. So, you always have to face 2 hard hits from him before you get to poke at him.

And Nim is the LESS threatening of his two weapons. Immania is a siege tome that inflicts Berserk on hit. It also has 2-7 range, so Cyltan, a horse archer lord who would probably be the one fighting this boss, would be countered by First Blood Immania at 2 range. So even if you kill Nirving, Cyltan gets berserked, and if you don’t have any bellflower leaves in Cyltan’s team, you’re just stuck with that for a few turns.

Hate this guy.

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I totally agree on Hard Mode Ashnard being just the worst.

In a game where the highest MOV you can possibly get is 9, this guy has TEN movement (And oh boy he uses it), immunity to literally everything not named Ragnell (And even then capped STR Ike deals 9 damage at most), enough stats to one-round any unit, and on top of that he uses a ranged weapon. Dheginsea was intimidating AF, but Ashnard? When he starts moving all you can do is evacuate the premises like it was some sort of goddamn nuclear bomb.

Oh, and if you kill Ashnard he revives with full HP and then promotes.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, he also has PHYSIC PRIESTS in his party. As if it wasn’t infuriating enough that it takes like 8 turns to bring him to half health, you also have to suffer in silence as he heals himself back to full if you didn’t kill them.



  1. FE6 Iduun because of the requirements of saving her
  2. FE3H Nemesis
  3. FE9 Ashnard
  4. FE11 Medeus
  5. FE6’s Zephiel
  6. FE4’s Eldigan


  1. Vert from Code of the Black Knights
  2. TLP’s Siegfried
  3. J&P:Estria’s Titan
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Reinhardt is pretty much the strongest boss without stat inflation if you actually fight him head-on without relying on staves or cheesing strategy. Then there’s Eldigan, Arvis and Julius who you can’t solo most of the time.

FE12 Medeus comes to mind simply because of how absurdly fast you need to defeat him on higher difficulties if you don’t want to have a real bad time. At least thank IS for making the binding shield give +2 speed. Although I still don’t know why they couldn’t simply make his cap 27 speed, unless you want to believe that they wanter Marth to have all non luck caps being 25 or something, which is just stupid. Hardin is also in a similar vein, where the map is so requiring that you have no chance but to rush him if you want any chance of a good time.

Now from a different game, we have Julius from TRS. The guy’s stats are so ludicrously high that the game makes him destroy his weapon in order for you to be able to defeat him with some more ease, and he still flexes hard on your party with the slim sword. Almachus from Berwick is very similar to Windham, the FE6 16x boss, but this time around there is no warp to save you and the map is designed in such a way that he can berserk you before you even have a chance to reach the door of his fortress. I legitimately don’t know any other way to defeat him aside from Shining Shield Vester.

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FE11 H5 Gazzak, Gomer, and Hyman. The latter two are fast enough to double even Jagen and overall just ruin the earlygame of FE11.

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  • FE5 - Gomes has some pretty ridiculous stats for when you fight him (better stats than Dagdar) and is incredibly bulky to boot due to throne bonuses. Shoutouts to Reinhardt too ig if not for the part where he’s so dumb everyone sane just warpskips him.
  • FE6 - Henning, really high speed and avoid for when you fight him in the game. Technically it’s Kel but you can avoid fighting him
  • FE7 - idk ig reed bros at endgame just because A support
  • FE8 - Formotiis just because he’s a bulky mofo and you fight him with 2x effective weaponry.
  • FE9 - Ashnard cuz he cheats lol
  • FE10 - Big D or Ashera
  • FE11 - Hyman just cuz his speed is balls
  • FE12 - Medeus? i guess
  • FE13 - the entire game itself probably Grima
  • FE16 - SS Immaculate One


  • TLP - Seigram. Weird choice, but overall he’s a cav boss with pretty high-ish stats for the point of the game in what’s possibly the toughest map (or 2nd toughest) in Siegfried’s story.

I’ve played vanilla and not really progressed in any rom hacks (and I don’t really do hard mode), so vanilla it is:

  • FE6: Henning, high speed high avoid for this point in time in the game when you fight em, and he ain’t optional.

  • FE7: Lloyd at the earliest chpter you can fight him, sorry but his stats are just too much to handle sometimes, and his Light Brand brings me to tears sometimes, granted I may suck at games sometimes, but there’s a reason I level up my lords.

  • FE8: Not many hard enemies in this game really, but I guess Formotiis is the hardest, granted if your S ranked weapons are broken, well, uh, good luck. S ranked weapons though can turn DK’s ass to grass easily though.

  • FE9: ASHNARD. Seriously, Ashnard can go to hell for his bullshiz, damn near impregnable with two phases in harder modes, and he cruises around the place not giving a single flying Farquaad cuz he can out move any unit in the game essentially, and he has healers bro. Not cool.

  • FE10: Red eyes black dragon or Ashyera, one is the god of stats and the other killable only by Ike, that and you need them blessed weapons

  • FE13: Lunatic/Lunatic+ is pretty wack honestly, Grima takes the cake though

  • FE14: I think Conquest end game Takumi, considering that the map and Takumi himself is pretty wack and a pain

  • FE15: Duma, not that difficult imo but still Upheavel can be annoying, and his big boi range too.

  • FE16: All final bosses can be pretty difficult, but SS Immaculate One takes the cake. That being said, Nemesis, Edelgard, CF Immaculate One can be challenging, and The Immovable and The Wind Caller can also be pretty hardcore as well.

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Lloyd whooped my ass both when you first fight him, and in endgame

Black knight in FE9.
“But you can skip it”
Tell that to my 9 year old obssesed with defeating him

Honestly never had an issue with Seigram or his map; it’s probably the hardest of Sieg mode but wasn’t that hard; as for Seigram himself his stats are really high but I just threw units at him and he died