Top Fire Emblem Rom hacks?

I put some of the more critically acclaimed Rom Hacks on this vote for FE February. No Blitzes as that’s gonna be something different. No Fangames or Rom Hacks that are going to be transitioning to Fangames


:crab::crab:TLP is winning :crab::crab:


Dream of Five seems to be on there twice, my dude

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Dream of Five is twice as notable bro

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Two routes are like two games??

Also I feel like you’re missing quite a few. Not sure what you’re going to do with this data, but I’d recommend having some sort of nomination process first to inform the list so that you can get a more complete sample.


If two routes are two different games, then shouldn’t Avenir be on there nine times? :joy:

Only counting completed routes, of course.


i call bs that bloodlines and/or elibian nights aren’t even in the top 3


And yet, you put Midnight Sun as an option lol.
Anyway, team TLP let’s go.


missing so many gems, shame it’s limited to just “”“critically acclaimed”""


Aren’t all ROM hacks fangames?


Fangame generally refers to things like FE7x or SRPG Studio games which are made on their own engines, within the context of romhacking discussion at least.

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no last heavenly throne (even though it’s barely finished) :sob:


Kudos to the 8 people who voted for Justice & Pride.


This poll can’t handle the weight.

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What, no GhebFE?

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bruh, where’s different dimensions ostian princess


Any Write ins are accepted, and can be liked to count as a vote. Anything notable for the viewcount will be taken into consideration, but I just wanted to get an idea as I’m doing a top 10


No Fegirls?

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No Gheb, Ostian Princess, Sacred Chairs, Duo Geno, FEGirls, FEYggdra, Path to Ruin.

Shame on this list. Pure blasphemy.


I really like the idea of this, let’s try to encourage as many people to vote as possible!