Tobiki's sprites!

Hi, I’m Tobiki, and this is my sprite thread! Some of you may already know me from my twitter or the mugging blitzes, but a lot of you probably don’t. I missed the latest Mugging blitz so I just decided to create a page to post my stuff instead of waiting for the blitz. All sprites posted here are Free to Use with credit unless specified otherwise. If there’s something insertable here that doesn’t have a complete hackbox and you want a complete boxed version, just ask!

alphinaud hackboxleonie hackboxalisae hackboxmarianne hackboxMinifillia hackboxRyne HackboxShiva HackboxShiva Hackbox LightKanata hackboxExarch HackboxG'Raha hackboxG'Raha hackbox Scion

emet-selch hackbox Calliope 1x

treyliera fullbody

Other misc uninsertable stuff:
percellehades 1x shiva 1xshiva light 1x Misaka 1x kanata 1x

I’ll put more stuff up here as I make them, if you ever need to contact me I go by the same name on both twitter and discord.


Wow, these are impressive. Thanks for allowing people to use your work with attribution.


Well, these are a sight for sore eyes! Let’s see how many I can name…I see Alphinaud, Leonie, Alisaie, Mariane, Lyse, Crystal Exarch, G’raha Tia, Emet Selch, a really cool BLM OC…is that the Viera captain of the Crystarium? Shiva, Misaka, I can’t place the other two, and I’m bad with masks so I’m having trouble guessing which Ascian that is. Out of all your mugs I’d say I like the BLM the most! The detail on the satchel is really nice.

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The Ascian is Emet again and the Viera is another player character

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Yooo, it’s a TLP2 guy. Happy to have you.

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I gave every portrait that didn’t have a full hackbox a complete hackbox. I also adjusted some of the uninsertable stuff to be able to be insertable.

Minifillia hackboxRyne HackboxShiva HackboxShiva Hackbox LightKanata hackbox Exarch HackboxG'Raha hackboxG'Raha hackbox Scion


Calliope Mori from Hololive EN

Calliope 1x


Hoshimachi Suisei, Hololive 0th