Time to introduce myself I guess

Didn’t even realize this category existed.

Hi! I’m Phoenix,
I’ve been around FEU on and off for a couple years and only recently decided to make a profile. I’ve thought about making a hack before and have done a lot of research over the years but never really started anything. Until now.

I’m no artist or writer… and I barely have any experience in programming. But there are 3 things i am very good at: organization, learning and patience…

Enough patience to have already spliced 46 portraits, come up with a world map, an outline of a plot and 24 maps made.

Having FEBuilder as a tool provided that final push I needed to start something.

I know most hacks never get finished so i figure I’ll take my time and only work on it occasionally so I don’t get burnt out; and to prevent unnecessary pressure on me or disappointment to others I don’t plan on posting updates. (At least until i have something substantial)

Phoenix out

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Hello, Phoenix.

Welcome, or welcome back, whichever you prefer.
We all have to start somewhere, and 46 splices is pretty good, at least to me.

Hope you enjoy hacking and enjoy your time here! I am interested to see what hack you will come out with one day.

Hmm, guess I should also say something about myself too.

I was born in 92. (i turned 26 this October)
I live in the largest city in the best country in the world…yes Toronto, Canada. (Gotta show some pride for my country)
The first Fire Emblem game I owned was Sacred Stones.
My favourite Fire Emblem game is Radiant Dawn with Sacred stones and Blazing Blade a close second.

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