Tiles Animation issue - water animations appear on other tiles

hello, we are having a few problems with the map animations… does anyone know about this or how to fix it? We do not know what to do anymore

instead of water these tiles are changed
this happens only with 2 tileset, the new Fields and the new Mountainous (Tileset created by me)


Not too experienced with tilesets myself, but I would guess it’s because the tiles that the game reads as “having animations” aren’t tied to the water tiles themselves, but rather the location or value of the tile in the set. As to say, the game is set to animate certain tiles based solely on the tile’s location, and not the type of tile in the location.

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ok… what exactly does that mean?
Or in other words, what can I do to fix it?

this is what you read about the animations? or what is it exactly? can it be changed?

This is because you are using a strange tileset.
The placement of the tile images is completely different from vanilla.
Therefore, tile animations made for vanilla will not work.

In vanilla, they are lined up like this.

This alignment is important.
This is because tile animation is achieved by overwriting some parts of this image.

In the case of the tileset in the field, the map animation is achieved by overwriting the data in the upper part of this image.
If the order of the images is changed, it will not work correctly, because the targeted position cannot be rewritten.

Just to help 7743, I also created a template for where the animated tiles are. If you import it as a 2nd layer on an image, you will be able to have a better view of your tileset and the image itself, since its using transparent background. (be sure of the tileset being in 256x256).

Water TileSet References

I think I understand…
but is there any way to make these 3 tilesets work? I’ve done a lot of work on them and there are blocks that I wouldn’t want to throw away

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