Tile Change Overload glitch

Greetings, I’m currenting making a FE8 mod using FEbuilder and I’ve ran into an issue.

I’ve noticed that the builder is loading up a crazy amount of tile changes on of my maps maps and whenever I try to delete the entries, they show up on another map.

The data is all jumbled up and entries clearly incorrect, is the rom corrupted? If so does anyone one know why the tile changes are acting up like this and how to avoid this glitch in the future?

I have screenshots, I’m just not sure how to send them.

When adding tile changes, do it through the map editor rather than the tile change editor. It might seem counterintuitive, but the tile change editor is something you should only use if you know why you need it.

I don’t know if that’s what you did, and it’s hard to know without being able to look at data. You should post a report7z either in the FEBuilder topic in the forums or channel in the Discord if you want someone to be able to look into it.

If that is the problem though, go in the Tile Change editor for the bugged chapter(s) and extend the list to 0 to erase all tile changes, and then make them again using only the map editor. Another option is to export the maps and import them again.

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