Tier 3 Class Experience

When adding Tier 3 classes into FE8, how would you go about adjusting the EXP gain similar to when a promoted unit defeats an unpromoted unit in the vanilla game?

In case that isn’t clear… When making “tier 3” classes, they are still treated simply as promoted units, so when a lvl 1 tier 3 unit defeats, lets say, a lvl 12 tier 2 enemy, they gain nearly 100 exp, rather than 10~ exp.

Edit: is there a way to go about this that doesn’t involve the “class level doesn’t reset upon promotion” patch?

In the class editor, there’s a slot where you can set the class’s relative level. For third tiers, set that level to 4/5 and set them to promoted.

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You can also try using Snakey’s modular exp patch to set class modifiers on exp.