Thracian Peninsula Continental Project

Because I like pain and suffering, I’m doing another one…

Anyhow now is not the time to wallow in one’s path in life, as there is fire emblem mapping to be done! For this one, I wanted to do a bit of a warmup (yes you heard that right) before tackling Elibe.

So I figured that doing Thracia which that has about 17 large scaled maps with one tileset would be far easier to work with than doing Elibe with about 35+ large-scale maps in about 6 different tilesets that I can’t really do justice for the time being until i get ahold of or make better assets.

So for right now (and special thanks to flasuban who cut my overall workload here by at least 30%, not to mention the lovely tileset), I’ve got all of the maps imported and mostly cleaned up. After that is done I’m going to put them in roughly the correct places relative to each other on the map which will determine the overall scale and then draw the outline for the continent.

Since I have not read nor played through FE5 the entire way through if someone who wants to assist me with that, it’d be greatly appreciated!


If you make the maps in Tactile, you can technically have 6+ extra tile sets rolled into 1

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That what I’m gonna do for Elibe, but for this, I didn’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time doing that for fairly minimal gain.

Ah okay, let me know if you need help getting the tileset up and running

Alright so I’ve finished cleaning up the initial map import (cant tell zoomed out, but you can if you compare them)

Now the next step here is to interpret the story and place the maps in the correct places since I have not played fe5 the whole way through. I will need to consult some sources. But id also like for someone or another to think this through with me here, so if anybody wants to contact me on discord about that. I would greatly appreciate it!