This Debuff-Bug is kinda twisted

I’m currently looking for help, because of a very strange problem of our current FE8 Hack.

In Chapter 6, everything runs normal, until the unit „Twist“ and some others appear.

While everyone else is fine, Twist spawns with Debuffs. His strength and Skill are lowered and his HP are also lowered heavily. These debuffs will lower by one, each turn. But his HP can’t get up again and he will carry over these debuffs to the next chapter.

UPDATE: Saphire and Lars are also affected by the bug now.

The strangest part is, that you can fix the bug ingame. If you restart the chapter (suspend, and then restart the said save file), after the chapter was loaded once, no matter if Twist already spawned, or not, he will spawn without debuffs, the next time he and the others are loaded.
I know about the common bug, that, if you load too many units in one chunk at once, that every playable unit will suffer from debuffs. We stumbled accross this bug ourselves and thought, it would be the reason fort this bug. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.
It should be noted that Twist is the only unit who will be debuffed. Everyone else from the other 1 to 4 units that can be loaded here, will remain unaffected. I should note, that I load another unit, an NPC, at the same time, for story purposes.
The event triggers in turn 2, at the beginning of the player phase and currently looks like this:

As you can see, the units left the party and will rejoin here.

They left during the end event of a previous chapter, which looks like this:

Did I messed up when removing the characters/let them rejoin? Did somebody else stumbled across these bugs before?

If it’s important, I should note, that every of these units also have skills. This bug seems to come from the skill system. (I’m not using the latest version.)

Every unit has at least a personal Skill (except Saphire (she has a class skill) and Seth (he has a class skill, and a skill, that his class learned immediatly).

post the report7z / .UPS file

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