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RomHack of FE8
Plot: A small band of Assassins turned thieves bassed in the outskirt ruins of a kingdom realizes there is royal blood in their ranks.Around that same time the recently deceased king’s lack of an heir sparks a feud between the noble factions. The newfound royal in question,while not the most virtuous, doesn’t want to see the country torn apart and will claim his throne. His presence brings about the ire of the nobles who will see that he perishes to claim the aforementioned throne for themselves,save for one. This noble is one who would see his country fixed and decides to support the fledgling royal.

Misc Info:

  1. The lord is a Thief-type class
  2. Thieves are now an offense-utility class with canto(to make them less stagnant, especially in early game)
  3. slightly darker story tone
  4. An elite royal guard.
  • House Syrahna, Clan of war demons. Comprised of the Main and branch familes of the Syrahna clan. Myrmidon and Swordmasters
  • The thousand arrows guild. A mercenary troop turned guild, comprised of foot and horseback divisions. Archers,Snipers and Rangers
    *The Wings of Virtuous Peace(wings of peace). Masters of the skies. Comprised of two families, the Viti Pegasus knights and the Roark Wyvern riders. Peg knights, Falc Knights, Wyvern riders and Wyvern lords
  • Knights of the Grand Order. Followers of the Order of the Shield. Cavaliers,Paladins, Great knights, knights and generals(Thanks @Mechblad)
  1. Magic is prevalent in other country, the country is split into two states: those who practice primordial magic(dark) and those who don’t(light,anima).
  2. Hail, Jennine and Greyson were friends with the late king.
  3. Yanir is the second son of Youva,who was the king’s friend, he weilds the Clan’s treasured Blade
  4. dunno if i wanna use Manakets

Edit #1
Will to make a google doc in the future containing a story outline of what I have so far

OK first up! I’m using FE builder and plan to make a full game(30 ish chapters) when i get better with it but till then I uses this story but divided into parts. I’m ambitious but reasonable so i don’t expect this happen soon, even with my near obsessive work ethic. So far I only have a part of a story and 6-7 character sprite concepts so i can imagine what they look like in my head.

So far my only real game play changes are:

Lord is a pseudo-trainee class with 3 tiers and a max of 50lvls(10/20/20), promotes twice through story to prevent Roy syndrome
Thieves, assassins and rogues have canto
Thieves, assassins and rogues have regular mov through forest
Assassins can steal
Poison is now useful
Steal to live gem placement in enemy inventories

changed and added relevant info

The 4 Generals are leaders of the 4 factions that make up majority of the royal army

  • Hail, Leader of the Thousand Arrow Guild
  • Yanir, Leader of The Syrahna Clan
  • Jeannine and Greyson, Dual Leaders of The Wings of Peace, They are Married.
  • Leone, Sword Saint of the Grand Order

Edit #3
Cool stuff

  • Gathered some Free mugs and am now making a very ROUGH( and i mean rough) demo of chapters 0-5
  • All of the main cast have names
  • Maps are made for chapters 0-2

Not so cool stuff
Story stuck in rut, had to rewrite; first draft had like 8 myrms, now theres only 3(Thief emblem, not myrm emblem
Story and Character bios postponed for right now
school stuff so demo will come slowly

Good news(sorta) I have made descent progress and the game works enough to test.(which should happen soon)

So the game features some stuff

  • Questionable balance
  • sword locked units
  • enemies with luck
  • bad references
  • unfitting music(sappy issues)
  • lopsided growths ( i mean like my god)

I’ll go more in depth in the actual project post. Unfortunately I still dont have a name for this “thingy” but a working title is Fire emblem: Oops All trash. In all seriousness I’m glad I’m doing this. All I have to do write up my credit list and figure out how to make a demo

I Have risen from the dead. I got sick not gonna specify for personal reasons just know it wasn’t pretty. Now then onto the project. My sickness yielded time to think. Demo will be chapters 0-2 and will release as a project post as soon as i comb through and thank the nice people for their free stuff. I’m also making a question post on demo making/presentation Its not like a haven’t been lurking other post or anything Now For lore stuff.

Main Cast - Blackwing Thieves

  • Xael - Our lordling, a young man who was trained as an assassin from an early age. Despite his skill set he suffers from mortality salience and battles emotionally with hurrying people to their end. He doesn’t know of his lineage knows his predecessors the Bloodwings were closely involved with the king. Cool headed and pragmatic his only issue with his current life is that he has to kill sometimes.
  • Reynard - Leader of the Bloodwings before and after the re-branding, Reynard has killed more men than he’d like to admit. He is a pragmatic and reserved angel of death, he watches as things unfold before taking drastic action. With the development of the Kings death he realizes this wont fix itself and as Xael’s uncle he is knows of his blood.
  • Sark - Holds the title of The Bloodwings’ Red Hurricane inherited from his brother, Sark greatly enjoys battle and killing. A cynical he jokes about human nature often,he’s also excitable and rambunctious; he’d sooner die than sit still for too long.
  • Aaron - The straight man. Aaron is a stalwart thief who is clever and observant. He is more careful about his actions and is very polite despite being a murderer.
  • Blair - A whimsical woman who lives carefree. The Blackwings’ second in command she has skills on par with Reynard, though their personalities tend to clash they work well as a team. Her whimsy can be interpreted as refreshing or insubordination depending on who you ask.
  • Jack - The most unlucky man alive. Can’t fight but is good with money. He acts as financial adviser for the Blackwings making sure they don’t starve or lose money

Now be on the lookout for my project post.

Those of you who read know I end these with a thank you. I could go on and on about how much i appreciate that but I’d run out of space.So I’ll keep it short and say that even if you don’t like my idea thanks for looking it over and I encourage you to give me feedback. You knowing this is a thing gives me a good feeling on the inside.

the fourth group should be n-sync, five boys who are very magical and have put a spell on millions of hearts


tryna get me sued? But in all seriousness I really need that fourth group, the info is real bare bones but anything helps… aside from trying to get me sued.

@Vandal I see you’re finally getting around to those errands

S̶o̶r̶r̶y̶,̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶.̶ ̶J̶o̶k̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶i̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶e̶.̶


Seems like a cool idea.

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Why not let the fourth group be made up of cavaliers and knights (with their respective promotions)? You could also maybe add fighters to it. Brigands and pirates are the odd ones out, but they could just belong to no group besides small parties that ravage the country.

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I like that actually but I’m angry i didn’t think of something so obvious. There bandit idea is close to what i thought up too where the ruins of the old country are split into territories of bandit and thief factions including our MC’s group: The Black-Wing Thieves, formerly known as The Blood-Wing Assassins.

Shut up, Imp.

Love you too, Vandal

Edit #2 is a thing, any thoughts. Story outline and Character Bios on the way

For like the 3 people who’ll care Edit 3 exists. slow progress is slow.

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I have news. Demo functions.(might not be balanced but hey) Progress will be faster as i graduated :tada::confetti_ball::mortar_board: uh its 4:06 so ill do a real edit when im not tired. Expect what you will. Also how do i make a demo?


EDIT 5 has been made. Its likely the last one until project post. Thanks again and look out for my post. Not the question one, that one isn’t important.