TheRomHackist Lonely Mirror Playthrough

Hey everyone! I’ll be posting my playthrough of caladrius’s “The Lonely Mirror” here. I’d say I’m roughly already about halfway through the game. I figure that I will probably be posting an episode a day as opposed to just dumping the hours of gameplay I already have recorded. This way in case anyone decides to stop by I can chat with you and we can talk about anything related to this awesome game (or anything at all really lol.) Without further ado here’s the first video, I hope you enjoy it! :cowboy_hat_face:

Edit: It seems because my account is new I can’t post links just yet, but as soon as the website figures out I’m not a bot I promise I’ll be posting here haha! Until then, thanks for checking out the thread! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! So a day later and it looks like I’ve been upgraded to basic user instead of whatever I was before, that means it’s time to start posting the playthrough! Oh and I wanna mention that I appreciate all the likes I’ve been given on my posts so thank you guys. Making an account here was already worthwhile because while skimming through all the profiles of people who gave me likes I came across the user Permafrost who has a stellar looking hack called Fire Emblem Deity Device, I don’t know how I missed that one on my latest downloading spree! Anyway enough rambling from me I just wanted to show my appreciation to you fine folks, here’s the first video I hope you enjoy it :cowboy_hat_face:


Here’s episode 2!

Now that I’m thinking about it does anyone know what I have to do to be able to post links properly? It feels weird having to go through hoops like this just to post a youtube video, thanks in advance!


Message the mods about it, they should fix your account since you’re not a spammer.


Thanks you, that’s a good idea hopefully they can bump up my trust level or whatever. Good luck on your hack btw! I can tell from the screenshots that so far it’s quality stuff, definitely gonna keep my eyes on the progress :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey everyone, time for episode 3!

I hope at least one person out there is enjoying the videos. Though seeing as this thread already somehow has 200 views I’m sure there must be a lurker or two haha, enjoy!

Finally got links working as well so I’m gonna go ahead and fix all the links so far

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Hey everyone (no one lol) here’s episode 4!

Question for y’all, would any of you be interested in seeing me play a specific rom hack? I wouldn’t mind putting the breaks on this one for now in exchange for an exciting new adventure that someone out there would like to see. Just a thought, see you tomorrow!

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Hey people, here’s episode 5!

I noticed that sometime between posting episode 1 and now that I’ve gained a new subscriber haha! I just want to give a quick shout-out to that person. So whoever you are thank you, your support is appreciated :cowboy_hat_face:

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Episode 6, enjoy :cowboy_hat_face:

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Episode 7, yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m getting nervous now because the thread is starting to catch up to my recordings. That means I’ll have to stop being a lazy bum and make more episodes soon haha. Until then, here’s episode 8 :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for all the likes DATonDemand, it is very much appreciated! Here’s episode 9 for ya :cowboy_hat_face:
And now some news, Fire Emblem Bloodlines has been released and ghast was kind enough to give me permission to LP it! So I’m gonna be taking a break from Lonely Mirror for a bit as to not divide my focus. But don’t worry I’ll come back to LM and this thread once I sink my teeth into Bloodlines for a little bit. That being said I guess I should dump the few remaining episodes of LM I have recorded so I’ll be able to come back fresh someday, until then enjoy! :cowboy_hat_face: