The "Vanilla but not 100% vanilla blitz"

What Is this toomfolery?

Basically, yesterday, I got the idea of making an hack where we would keep the same number of enemies FE8 had, and only changed the maps, and their placements/classes. Then a few more people got interested into the thing, and we ended up creating a blitz for it.

If you want to see the current progress of this blitz, join the FEU discord:

If you want to help making chapters, I’d reccomend you join this server, as this is where we do most of our planning.

Current Team:
Peerless(Eventer, Mapper, Spriter)
Pikmin(Eventer, Also made a base rom with a bunch of classes added in so that i didn’t have to do it with buildfiles)
Kyubey(Eventer, Mapper, Spriter)
Zmr(Eventer, Spriter, Tye)
☆Natsumi~chan☆ -(Eventer, Mapper, Local man trying to put his memes into everything)

Project Folder:



dab on em

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Hopefully this gets done in time.

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Eventer, Mapper, Local man trying to put his memes into everything

this is why you’re the best, Kirb

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