The Under


Zane, my disappointment is measurable. You do not deserve your 1337 nickname. Shame.



hardline traditionalist, 'tis the only way
bread slice, topping, bread slice

otherwise it’s some other thingy


I wonder how many layers of quote we can do


I draw the line at structural rebel, ingredient purist. Wraps are basically sandwich hugs.


I think I’m structural neutral, but I’m somewhere between true neutral and ingredient purist.


I understand your confusion. Subs are just hot dogs you hold sideways.


Radical Sandwich Anarchy is the only way to live a fulfilling life and if you disagree get the fuck out of my face.


Structure Neutral, Ingredient Purist.




fite me irl

Bring poptarts


While we’re on the topic of Sandwhiches
Someone on Reddit Compiled and Compared all the Main Lords to Sandwhiches.


Shouldn’t Lyn being some bread covered in mold?


Corrin being a poptart lmfao


Poptarts aren’t fucking sandwiches!



Either is just a just a lonely piece of bread


@Darrman you’re late!




checks watch
It’s still New Year’s Eve in the Pacific somewhere probably, I can save this…

Darr’s Things He’s Done In 2018:

  • Made a terrible chapter to get Resonance across the finish line
  • Placed dead last in Ragefest 5 because turns out it’s a bad idea to blitz those
  • Wrote a gigantic essay about blitzes, triggering the development of VBA2
  • Some chapters were then made for VBA2
  • Showed off FE4 Binary for FEE3
  • Made an FE1 hack for April Fools
  • Got addicted to Crusader Kings instead of hacking
  • Poked at a bunch of NES games because I could
  • Actually played a hack for once

Darr’s plans for 2019:

  • Sit around in the Discord a bunch
  • Carve out some empires across Europe
  • Play more hacks
  • Maybe do something useful


I wrote nearly a million words for my web-serial last year. That seems pretty good :eyes:


Lost about 50 lbs and gained maybe 15 lbs of muscle last year