The Under


Memory lane for me is when Reso was being made. Good times.



Good times indeed


turn pink already, damnit


that’s crystal clear isnt it


ayup! tryin to get a shiny omanyte since the odds are 1/1024


Hey that’s cool almost as cool as compiling something for about 18 days.



Compile wen.


I’ll get to it, can’t always be on my other pc because fuck chromebooks




No, I believe in life after love.


spot the wrong image to win


Mickey’s Speedway actually takes place in Uzbekistan.


Every god damn time

DarrmanToday at 00:47
and my judgment is...
Bloopy I Card's HusbandoToday at 00:47
hurts my soul
my very being
Fatih • at 00:47
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A_Reliable_Chair | ArchpreciatedToday at 00:47
God dammit people, use push to talk.
DarrmanToday at 00:48
fatih had more green highlight around his voice icon, he wins

I said a rap battle thread post in voice, but I lied. You get an Under post instead.




Everyone share their Sandwich alignment. We can use this to determine who your friends are and who needs to get banned.


another testpost
also yes a wrap is a sandwich but a burrito is not, change my mind


A loaf of sliced bread is a bread sandwich.