The Tavern Adventures (6/30 Chapters Done)

Hey, I’m Gultykappa, and here to present my most recent project that got a sick trailer at FEE3. With the help of some friends, I’ve been developing a romhack with the intention of having fun both making and playing it. The playable characters are my friends and I, so it’s a bit personal to us all. I present to you all, The Tavern Adventures.

One of the main features of The Tavern Adventures is the ability to roam around Tavern Town. There, the players can explore the town, gear up, take missions, and find secrets. Chapters are already being planned out, and the whole story is outlined at this time. The thing is that there’s only going to be 10 required story chapters per run, but there’ll be 20 optional paralogues; one per character. Right now, there’s only 6 chapters done: 3 paralogues and 3 story chapters.

I hope you can all give it a try and have some fun! Credits, patch, and some explanations of a system or two are included in the download. Tell me if you want anything more included in the explanation readme.txt

Screenshots (Not All Final)

Most of all, I wish you all have fun playing! I had a bunch of fun playing it, but if you guys don’t enjoy it, then it was all for naught anyway. Just tell me what you liked, disliked, and hope to see in the future!

Download: The Tavern Adventures Demo V.2.0

Legacy Patches

V.1.2 - The Tavern Adventures V.1.2
V.1.1 - The Tavern Adventures V.1.1
V.1.0 - The Tavern Adventures V.1.0

FEE3 Trailer: The Tavern Adventures Ch.3 Update Trailer - YouTube

Development YouTube Channel: YouTube | The Tavern Devs


The Tavern Adventures seems like an interesting concept with plenty of characters to go for their missions and having the tavern as a breather segment for the players to take in. Hopefully, we can listen to some nice peaceful music in the meantime.

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I appreciate what you said. I did hope it would be something fun for you to play. Maybe even a story that is enjoyable.


Gave this a try. Can’t actually enter the hub area.

I’m stuck in this prep screen after the first map. I can view the town, but there’s nothing there and no deployment slots, with no way to start the map.


I apologize for that. It seems I forgot to make a unit placement for hard mode in that one. Entirely on my forgetful mind. The updated patch should account for that.

Okay now that I could actually progress, I finished the demo, haha. The free movement hack is really cool, and I’m glad to see a hack that’s trying it. The hub world was pretty barren, but it’s still early, so I get that. Adding more NPCs, particularly outside of buildings, will help to liven things up. It also seems like you haven’t gotten around to doing music yet, since the near victory song was playing in the hub area.

The actual battle maps themselves were very simplistic, and especially easy to break because the armor knight has Provoke. But it seems like the gameplay of these maps isn’t really the focus, so much as the town and the framing of everything and stuff. Overall, cool, but still early and obviously needs work. Good luck with the rest of this.


Thanks for that! Yeah, you caught me in saying that challenging gameplay wasn’t my focus though. I truly do prefer giving characters and the world/situations around them spotlight instead. I think I spent at least three times as long writing text and alternate conversations than eventing the actual thing.

As for the town, I think I’ll take your advice in putting some NPC’s outside the buildings next time. By next time I post another major update, another 3 chapters will be done, so I hope you’ll enjoy it then too!

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Hey everyone, I just want to give an update on the project if you’re still following it.

It’s been quite a while since the last update, and that’s partially because of my transitioning into university and sorting out some personal stuff, but I’m back with more of the hack! After its appearance at FEE3, there’ll be another release with 6 total chapters to complete! Exciting, right? I’m promising for it to be a lot bigger with some more things to find, so I hope I can meet your expectations.

Until FEE3, I have a few screenshots of things I’ve been working on. Not all of them will show up in the next demo, but imma just throw it out there anyway because it’s fun.

Have a good one, guys, and I can’t wait to see you all at FEE3!



Because of a slight oversight in logic, I forgot to bump the thread yesterday, but The Tavern Adventures does indeed have a V.2.0 demo for FEE3!
Up to 3 story chapters, 3 paralogues, and a good amount of town to explore in this one!
I suggest you start over from the last time you’ve played because of balancing and other things that’ve been drastically changed.


wow card game in fire emblem, very cool

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It’s a shame that’s one of the two screenshots not yet in the demo XD

What happens when u invite a green unit? Does that just have them for 1 mission and then theyre gone or do they become permanent later?

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You get them for one mission, then they get removed from the party, so if you want them in the next mission, you gotta ask them again before you go to the next one.

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Ah ok, that makes sense. Does Filis brothers group stick around? I finished chapter 2 but dont see them anymore

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Over the course of the game, characters will come and go, so an NPC in town after one chapter could be off doing something after you clear the next story chapter.

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Just finished the demo. Had a blast with it and cant wait to play more

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Thank you! I can’t wait to make more!

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I do have a bug to report and something i wasnt sure if its intentional or not.

  1. I spoke to the pirate lady and invited her, then left for the world map. After traveling around a bit, i came back and she was green again. Upon asking her to join she said my crew was full but i didnt have anyone else.

  2. I got the casting model but when i left i was teleported to a temple like place, found a portal and that teleported me to the room with a teddy bear in tavern town. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

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I can’t seem to replicate the second glitch, but that first one is a problem I’m going to work fast on solving!

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Hey everyone, Kappa here with an update on the game!
I know it’s been a while, but believe it or not, I’m not just doing this update to bump my thread I swear lol. I actually have been working on this game since last year’s FEE3. I’m pretty terrible on giving status updates until I actually have a release version, but of course there’ll be a fresh patch this year for FEE3 that’s planned to include the following new features/improvements:

  • Rebalance of player/enemy units
  • Some original music tracks
  • 3 new chapters (1 story and 2 paralogues)
  • Kingdom Hearts-like tournament cup feature
  • Secret areas
  • Stat augmentation mechanic
  • Stabilized chaos

If you want to see some game footage, hear some of the custom songs before release, or view trailers of the game, you can find our YouTube channel right here or additionally in the post at the top of the thread: YouTube | The Tavern Devs

I’m sorry if you were expecting an update here, but I promise we’ll be working hard to deliver in October this year, so keep a lookout!