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I’ve created this thread as a gathering of all my previous and upcoming Fire Emblem videos. Future uploads will be posted here since I don’t want to spam the site with new threads every two weeks. Below is the latest video, below that you can find older uploads.

My primary goal is to make short, edited and clean-looking ROMHack-related Videos, occasionally focused on general Fire Emblem topics. These take a decent amount of effort, so I hope you’ll enjoy watching these and maybe even get some use out of them.

Latest Video: “The Story Behind Fire Emblem: Vision Quest”

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These usually get their own thread since I make them every now and then.

FEBuilder FAQ #1

FEBuilder FAQ #1 - Percevalko - YouTube

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you use to edit your videos?
A: DaVinci Resolve. My first few videos used Sony Vegas.



Great video and I agree with much of what you said.
(Why was the previous thread closed, though?)

I think that the more enemy focused an FE game is, the less interesting it is.
To me, the ways in which to make a more player focused less turtle-ly game would be:

  • Have it so that your units (especially your main lords) dont just one shotted if they step forward. Have them be able to take at least 2 or 3 hits.

  • Enemies don’t just need to stand still on the map. Otherwise, most people will just sit around slowly baiting enemies into coming into them and you can’t charge forward without a high risk of death unless it is an overpowered unit.

  • To expand the point above : Have individual and groups of enemies move towards the player. They will try corner you and force them to get out of their comfort zone in order to survive and/or save the villages with valuable rewards.

  • Put a hamper on overpowered units like Haar or Seth. Having them just kill a third of the map in enemy phase isn’t very fun, especially when they don’t anything on the map that can threaten or match them.

As for Siege Weapons (Balista and also long range spells), I have…an interesting idea.

Siege Weaponry of all sorts will deal A LOT of damage and possibly in AoE. BUT…
…it will take them a turn to arrive to the specific point that they are trying to target, which will be fixated in the previous turn. That way, players can move through Long Range fire without having to worry about get chunked out or even worse, killed by a low Crit % Bolting or Killer Balista all the while forcing them to be weary of their position.


I wanted to move further video discussion to this thread. Would be weird to have two discussions about the same topic going on in different threads at the same time I think lmao

I definitely agree with your points, especially the overpowered units one. Player units should be able to take hits but I think too much defence (with no significant weakness in other areas) can lead to a Seth-like unit, i.e. they can take a lot of hits and maybe even kill in enemy phase. Armour Knights obviously have high defense but this can be countered via anti-armour weapons (and obviously low speed).

That Siege Weapons idea is certainly interesting. Don’t really have anything to comment on it, I think chapters would have to be designed about that concept specifically.

I do want to say I don’t think having good units is inherently a bad thing.

Genuinely the worst part of vision quest is that your units can’t kill for shit. I generally find that interesting movement of units generally stems from situations where units can move freely instead of needing to gang up multiple units on a kill. (Not saying you orko always but reliably killing with 2 units is nice)

Best example is probably RD tents where the map would be significantly less cool if Haar didn’t exist because the lack of flexibility present to you would make it significantly more constrictive than the joys of being flexible and allows you a variety of approaches.

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your video is really clean and solidly edited, but one thing i would suggest for presentation is to cut out your breaths before you speak. its a small change but it will make your presentation for audio that much better.
I meant to comment on your first video asking for suggestions but i forgot.

I actually do go in and manually lower the volume of each breath. I’ll keep your feedback in mind though and lower it further next time. Thanks!

New video out!

If you’re an active FEU user, you might already know that Thracia has an unfinished, hidden guide in its code. Zane had mentioned this in his FE5 Tidbits thread, and here I have a made a video delving slightly deeper into this topic. Enjoy!

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New video; In this somewhat heavily edited video essay, I present my own take on Kaga’s departure which no doubt has been discussed many times before. I hope you guys will enjoy it as it took a decent amount of time to edit this one.

Now, of course, this one is not related to ROMHacking at all. BUT; I am planning to make a second FEBuilder FAQ next week or so, however I’ve only got three or so frequently asked questions so far which won’t be enough to fill a video. Please, tell me some of yours if you have any you can think of. Cheers!


Alright, I’ve uploaded three or so videos since I last posted something in this thread. This is mainly because two of said videos were, in my opinion, not really relevant to the hacking community in any way. The other one, however, is a video that hopefully serves as an effective overview of Fire Emblem’s very vast world of ROMHacks. Enjoy.


PentV, I have to say that your videos are amazing. They are creative and they have some really nice jokes that keep the video entertaining. The videos strike a perfect balance between simplicity and detail and it makes for a video that is really informative and not too long. I can learn a lot from the style of your videos and I look forward to more of them!

Big thumbs up! :+1:

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Alright, I forgot to update this thread. Lol.
I recently made a video going over the history of everyone’s favourite ROMHack, The Last Promise. Its origins, as well as how it got so popular. Enjoy.


Just wanna say…

Holy shit, Blazer was 14 and leading a project? That’s…impressive. More than anything I can dream of…


Half of The Last Promise certainly does seem like a 14 year old cooked it up (the story) but the other half…

Holy hell a 14 year old made these maps!? One could only think of what maps he would’ve made had he continued hacking…

The beginning part though of Ch25? (Wounded Souls) Not a big fan, especially with the 1-tile chokepoint, Longbow Snipers, and Bolting Sage.

He did not make those maps by himself. Blazer was leading the project but 30-ish people are credited, including many map creators.

Well then… At least the guy knew how to pick good maps to use?

It’s absolutely crazy to be able to do that much so young, even though he wasn’t the only one on the project initially !
But for me It’s also funny because when I was his age, me and a friend (the one that made me discover Fire Emblem through FE8 when we were younger) regularly draw (bad) Fire Emblem maps during classes when we were next to next. And then there was Blazer who was already modding Fire Emblem lol

As you might remember, a heated drama went down after the release of “Lil Manster”, an FE5 translation patch based on the initial Project Exile translation. However, drama in general involving Project Exile dates as far as back as June 2019. There is tremendous and I mean tremendous amounts of misinformation about this topic, so here, I’ll be taking a look at the whole nine yards, from June 2019 to March 2020. My biggest and most effort-demanding video yet: The Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Translation Drama.


very interesting video, it’s the first video I’ve seen that makes this whole situation understandable for someone such as myself who wasn’t involved with the hacking community during this whole situation, although let’s be honest, the hacking community doesn’t really do a good job in general of agreeing on which translation for a game is the most accurate or best one to use… Either way great video!

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What does the most obscure Fire Emblem Character have in common with the second biggest Italian city? They’re both named Milan.

Stay tuned for the next video, it will be one surely of interest to some of you out there…