The Rules - Crediting

Quick suggestion that I think we should add an explicit numbered rule along the lines of “Project threads must credit each asset used and only use assets that are free to use.”

I know it says no plagiarism and that there’s this section near the end:

I still think explicitly adding a short version of this as a numbered rule would be valuable. I don’t think everyone reads the rules in depth and it’s a lot of work to go back and credit / replace assets at a later date.


really I’d just make it it’s own topic. Similarly with the you need trust to post stuff lol. Since it’s that important. I dunno if newcomers read the guidelines enough? or is it like a necessary thing that pops up when you first enter the site?

This thread used to be globally pinned along with a few others:

I think it was too much to have 5 or 6 global pins like we used to have personally. I’d rather it be kept to Getting Started as a thread for common links and The Rules for important info on how to not get in trouble. Then we can have the occasional announcement global pin as needed.

But if others like 3 global pins all the time, then I think Gamma’s thread would be a good choice.


I agree that we need to do a better job communicating the expectations for asset credits in the rules, but I’m not sure making a numbered carve-out for specifically free-to-use assets is the way to go, especially because our actual anti-plagiarism policy is a lot more nuanced than can really be fit into a one-line bullet point.

We’re discussing what to do internally. I’m personally leaning towards dedicated thread and making the forum ask you to check it when making a new project thread.