The rom has run out of free space

good afternoon, i’m doing a fire emblem project, i’m porting fire emblem 6 to fire emblem 8 and adding many things.
everything was going well until this error appeared: ‘’ the rom has run out of free space ‘’
I do not believe that I ran out of space because I have already read in some places that it is difficult for this to happen, although I added some things, I did not add that much. Can someone bring me the solution to my problem? I will be very grateful :slight_smile:

I’m very excited about my project and I didn’t want to have to give up because of that

The GBA ROM must not be more than 32 MB in size. This is a hard restriction, and there’s no way to directly “fix” that. With decent space management, this should never happen even with an enormous number of animations, text entries, music pieces, etc…

I’m not an FEB user, but there should be a “rebuild” option that helps free up space that contains data that’s never referenced. (Make a backup first)

Without details on what you’ve done to extend the ROM this far, I can’t offer advice on how to avoid this in the future other than… don’t insert data then overwrite its references too many times.

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I did it, the 32mb game went to 25.1mb I thought it decreased a little, but in addition, the game was very buggy, when starting the battle the game freezes

This happened to me as well while I was working on my hack, but 7743 gave me a solution.
Try copy/pasting this number on “Rebuild Adress” at the beginning of the rebuild operation:
1400000 (If that doesn’t work try 1500000)

What this does is that it limits the area that gets rebuilt. You get less extra space, however it is much more stable.

If you use 1500000, then you will gain about 1 mb less of free space but you have a much higher chance of not triggering bugs.

Also, note that Rebuild will break multiple-choice menus (In vanilla FE8, this only happens at the route split where you choose Eirika or Ephraim), so you will need to redo them.

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which of the 3 options is more determined?

So far I have only had to use “0=Do not reuse free areas” and it worked fine, but I don’t know about the others.

I’d recommend you keep it at 0.