The Reskin to Turn the Reskin Genre on its Head


download here ya filthy peasant

I have created a reskin to topple all hacks. It’s so good, I didn’t even come up with a name for it.

It replaces some of the playable characters portraits to have Joshua’s hat. That’s it.

Sme and nyawenyye for da music
Agro for da 16 track 12 sound fix
Despacito for being epic
Alusq and circleseverywhere for da native instrument map
SD9k for da hat mugs
Natsumi~chan for not being epic
Shoutouts to Simpleflips


inb4 there’s more changes than anyone thinks there are but nobody will find them because they believe it’s just a simple reskin


the music credits weren’t there for nothing


why don’t the map sprites and animations have hats