The repository: an ode to sprites

oh hey there folks, since i have yet to prepare my new pc( i finally got it today, just need to set it up when i got time ), i wanted to try making some polls out of curiosity.
you may think about them as a sort of…“social experiment”, so to say.
oh but fear not, this is merely to see if there’s enough interest from people around here, and what kind of stuff they would like to see/use in their projects.
got your attention now, haven’t i? ahah ok cool.
so, let’s try this thing out and see what we got here.

- Would you be more interested in material regarding:

  • medieval fantasy themes( knights, magic and such )
  • sci-fi themes( mechs, cyberpunk concepts and such )
  • other stuff( present / modern times maybe? )

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- What would you like to see added to the repo:

  • mugs, because having more portraits is always good
  • backgrounds, because there’s never enough conversation and battle scenery
  • battle frames, because FE8 HUD has officially become older than the dinosaurs
  • battle animations, because there’s always room for epic battles
  • map tilesets, because i want to build a new garden out of pixels
  • other stuff( could be anything, from item icons to skill icons, class cards, music, you name it )

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- Would you rather have new material related to:

  • Fire Emblem, because there’s never enough fire in the emblem
  • Other RPG franchises, like Final Fantasy for example
  • Other genres

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well, that’s that for now.
feel free to discuss about what’s mentioned above if you like, i can eventually add more options in case of suggestions.
needless to say that the topic is mainly about pixel art in GBA format, but there’s always room for other stuff too.

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I said battle animations mainly because we genuinely don’t have enough dragon animations that put the head in the same position, this makes it very annoying when making dragon weapons

edit: we also need dragon portraits for pain dragon characters


it seems that the polls are slowly starting to take some shape, even though there’s not that many votes still.
what we have here at the moment from about 20 or so voters is:

  • 84% is mainly interested in medieval fantasy themes, wich is understandable considering the type of content usually posted on FEU;
  • 39% would prefer having more battle animations, although there’s a decent 22% for both mugs and battle frames, wich are actually quite rare around here to my knowledge;
  • another 83% would like to see more FE material, but that was to be expected.

so basicly it’s FE all the way :sweat_smile:
i was hoping for various results on different fields to see if some new trend could eventually show up, but i guess only time will tell.

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I think mugs are pretty common; I’d be surprised if there weren’t more mugs than battle anims in the repo, even excluding vanilla ones.

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yeah, that’s the same impression i got after checking out the repo.
overall, i think there’s already a good amount of material available, but i guess mugs are probably the biggest chunk since they’re usually easy to work with and don’t require much time to implement, unless you’re making one from scratch.
the same goes for pretty much anything else related to sprites that’s not animated.

that might also be why some people eventually give up on making animations, since those have very specific setups and not everyone is willing to deal with hacking tools.
in my case, i actually wanted to give it a try before, but i’ve been holding back so far due to formats requirements.
not that i couldn’t do a full sheet with all the animation frames like the game rips at Spriters Resource, because i can actually do stuff like that and even make animated gifs on their own, however the only downside is that someone else would eventually have to work on the sheet in order to implement the animation properly and make it usable for hacks.