The Rabbit Has Landed

Hello, everyone! I have joined the site a few weeks ago but hadn’t the time to come around and properly introduce myself, I apologize!

  • Who am I?

I am ‘I’, the 9th letter of the alphabet… just kidding, did anyone catch that reference?
I’m not sure how to describe what I am, but you can call me Pink… or Bunny… or both… or Barbara… or any clever name you can think of, it’s honestly fine. I’m a cisgender college girl that likes Fire Emblem, a bunch of other media, my preferred pronouns are She/Her, and I’m an amateur writer as a hobby. Recently, as I assume many here have, I’ve come to the wish of making a Fire Emblem romhack, and it’s going decently swell so far! Had a few hiccups here and there, but it’s part of the journey and it’s honestly been very informative.

  • My Fire Emblem Experience

I am actually very new to scene, being introduced it to a college friend during 2020 and slowly coming around to the fanbase, I now wish to know the people of this wonderful community to perhaps better my experience and relationship with this game franchise and the fanwork surrounding it :slight_smile:!

My first game, as per the friend’s suggestion, was the GBAs, getting around to understand the games starting from fe7 and diverging to other titles like FE11, Awakening, Fates, and so on. I’ve always been a huge fan of tactical RPGs like Advance Wars, so this has been a very enjoyable experience, I feel like I better understand why this franchise is so liked and big as it is compared to others. With my project I hope to perhaps share my creativity with you all as well.

  • Closing Thoughts

Well, I suppose that’s about it for little ol’ me. I don’t know much else to say, so if you’ve got a question about me or something of the sorts, feel free to ask, and I’ll be clear whether or not I feel comfortable disclosing it or not :slight_smile:.

thanks for reading!

p.s.: the title of this topic is a reference to some music


Welcome Bunny! If you need any technical help i strongly recommend the feu discord

Hope you have a good time here!

uuuuuuuuuuuu (1) (1)


Welcome PB&Babs!
Can’t wait to see your hacking dreams come to reality.
It sounds like you know exactly what you’re getting into here, so I’ll just wish you all the luck haha


Heya! Funnily enough regarding the topic title, the character in my icon is actually an OC of mine (not a Fire Emblem OC, though) named Rabbit, though he isn’t a rabbit.

I’m glad you’ve been enjoying ROM hacking so far, and welcome! The GBA FE titles were where I started, as well, albeit I played them for the first time around when they released. I can certainly vouch for them as a good gateway era into the series, and I hope you enjoyed them!


Want to give funny response.

Terms of service forbid it.

Behaving is hard.

Also hello, hope you enjoy being part of the community!


Welcome Pink_Bunny hope you enjoy your time here


I did and it looks like a great place :slight_smile: ! I really enjoyed spending some time chatting in there, and the place seems great to keep improving my project!

Ok PB&Babs takes the cake lmao, I never realized how similar my name can be to Peanut Butter Jelly.
Also thanks! I currently plan to release demo/proof-of-concept next year once I finish the 7 first maps as well as get sprite work done by someone.

I did! It was a charming and refreshing experience, shame to have slept on such a gem but happy to be on the scene now!


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