The portrait formatter no one was asking for

The original Portrait formatter is somewhat inconvenient to use so I made this.
run this in a folder to create a nice and clean event that loads all portraits in the folder.

The code will detect mouth/eye position for you.

requires definitions of FileName+Mug

e.g. Eirika.png => #define EirikaMug something

Standalone Code:

also part of pyEA,
basically pyEA.portrait.portrait_to_dmp(file)

Requires numpy, PIL and optionally fastgbalz77
if someone wants to make a windows binary or an EA tool out of this, please do.


how do I run this

Pushed a fix but untested.

Will get back to you if the fix didn’t work.

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Thanks, seems to work :+1:

Okay, so it doesn’t seem to insert correctly:

It gave me a completely black palette to use. I pasted in the palette from inserting it normally.

Looks like the image part is working, though.

Idk it seems correct on my end.
Can you link the portrait?

Your image was not indexed and the script didn’t account for an alpha channel. Should be fixed by now.

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Ok, thank you!

I got it from Mystic’s easy buildfile… don’t look at me :sweat_smile:

i got it from the VBA buildfile

don’t look at me :man_shrugging:

@circleseverywhere stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

Still getting the same issue. The script works but gives me a black palette.

But for this one where I reduced Roshea.png to 4bpp it crashes the script.

I also tried installing fastgbalz77 and compiling your code into an .exe for use in a buildfile. Not really sure if I compiled it including the fastgbalz77 or not, as I have no idea what I’m really doing lol. I was wondering if it can be ran from a separate folder. That way, it could be in EventAssembler/Tools instead of with the graphics themselves. It might also be nice to have it send data into a “dmp” folder for the sake of organization.

Thank you!