The Other x3 Raymond Land

Holy shit, I’m actually making a thread that’s not my introduction thread

Yo boyos it’s me, the other other other Ray. I’m neither a cool spriter nor a fast spriter but it’s been like 1 year since I came here and all I’ve been doing is lurking the forums and lazing about in Discord, so I figured why not make a sprite thread (since all the cool artists are doing it)

Personal Stuff
gudmond finale2
Zane’s evil brother Evil skeleton, current OC I guess???

Weeb Stuff because I keep procrastinating making actual FE portraits (F2U? idk why anyone would actually bother)
new lukakoalmost done probz

Tale of Ternon
Big anime hair by Blade and Nickt

Old Bad Horrible Crap (F2U, but with the shit quality i hope nobody has any reason to use them)
gbaravenascended boned

F2U (Credit me please or else I’ll torment you with ugly requant’d Ravengunbert)

  • Regular Mugs


Big kudos to my Lopto Boyo Levin64 for fixing blue girl’s eyes and hair

  • Halfbodies

bara paraplegichubert%20von%20vestra
Credit to Blade, he did lots of touchups for these two guys’ faces and endured my novice spriting skills

  • Unfinished


Will (hopefully) add more stuff; no guarantees about the organisation of the thread though (I’m horrible at that kind of shit)


Were you, by happenstance, the creator of a Johnny Joestar normal sized mug?

Nah, halfbody Johnny is the only Johnny I made

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Urushibara Luka.

A stunning example of feminine charm and grace.

Lips delicate like cherry blossoms in bloom.

The essence of Japanese beauty.

The chief priest’s son.

That’s right, “son”.

new lukako

(I guess this is F2U, idk why anyone would ever use it though)


Why does the son have a bob cut and bangs like that oop

Also nice debut man :+1:

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almost done probz
Lookie lookie it’s hyper musician girl from Ace Attorney w/ pink blood

Lenh helped out with some palette stuff and the bangs, and is very appreciated

also no devisio i’m not making kokichi


bro i can’t wait to remake dangan ronpa in fire emblem


one of best girl


Okay but make Shuichi so Devisio stops asking me to make him.


I’m back with an oni girli boyosss: Hoshiguma from Arknights

To tell the truth I was motivated to do this because it’s a gacha and I wanted to pull her but apparently this ritual was not strong enough so uhhh whoops

As with my weeb sprites, I guess this is F2U?? I can’t think of a reason anyone would use this though