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Holy shit, I’m actually making a thread that’s not my introduction thread

Yo boyos it’s me, the other other other Ray. I’m neither a cool spriter nor a fast spriter but it’s been like 1 year since I came here and all I’ve been doing is lurking the forums and lazing about in Discord, so I figured why not make a sprite thread (since all the cool artists are doing it)

Not F2U


Hiraeth Legacies

Book of Exiles

Personal Stuff

gudmond finale2

F2U Stuff (Credit me please or else I’ll torment you with ugly requant’d Ravengunbert)

Regular Mugs

Old Tale of Ternon
unknownvelthur1new lukakoalmost done probzwip framesdead dad framesdeader dad framesframegundham8komi10mudsmallframeframezkoreframesframesframe2framecroppedframeimageframeeditedimageimageblanc04lootimageimageimage


bara paraplegichubert%20von%20vestra
Credit to Blade, he did lots of touchups for these two guys’ faces and endured my novice spriting skills


  • Uninsertable

  • Unformatted/Unfinished

  • Stills

  • Backgrounds

  • even more Misc. Misc

Will (hopefully) add more stuff; no guarantees about the organisation of the thread though (I’m horrible at that kind of shit)


Were you, by happenstance, the creator of a Johnny Joestar normal sized mug?

Nah, halfbody Johnny is the only Johnny I made

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Urushibara Luka.

A stunning example of feminine charm and grace.

Lips delicate like cherry blossoms in bloom.

The essence of Japanese beauty.

The chief priest’s son.

That’s right, “son”.

new lukako

(I guess this is F2U, idk why anyone would ever use it though)


Why does the son have a bob cut and bangs like that oop

Also nice debut man :+1:

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almost done probz
Lookie lookie it’s hyper musician girl from Ace Attorney w/ pink blood

Lenh helped out with some palette stuff and the bangs, and is very appreciated

also no devisio i’m not making kokichi


bro i can’t wait to remake dangan ronpa in fire emblem


one of best girl


Okay but make Shuichi so Devisio stops asking me to make him.


I’m back with an oni girli boyosss: Hoshiguma from Arknights

To tell the truth I was motivated to do this because it’s a gacha and I wanted to pull her but apparently this ritual was not strong enough so uhhh whoops

As with my weeb sprites, I guess this is F2U?? I can’t think of a reason anyone would use this though


Guess who’s back, back again like one weekend before school actually starts

wiproman > smallroman > lennox > lennox4
Made a mug for a Tale of Ternon minor boss, built from my Roman Epics Splice Competition submission and spliced even more

In the pursuit of trying to conquer my absolute hatred of fur and human anatomy, I also made another halfbody: Gopnik girl Zima from Arknights

holy shit the giant pret ref folder saved my ass hard-time on this one, without it i’d be plaguing #spritans with a hundred horribly-drawn eldritch abominations of hands and fur coats


Quality fluff

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pffhaha it’s been almost two months and school is killing me and i feel lifeless during even the holidays this is the biggest mood shift that isn’t levin’s old serenes forest spriting thread

wip frames (f2u)
Played Helltaker during an online class because I didn’t want to listen, ended up feeling odd things for demon girls

Also made a bonus(?) still for Zima, who you can find above Nobody and his quality fluff

Other than that, I guess there’s this old never-finished battle background ripped from TearRing Saga (credit to Lin/L95/funny Lyon person for finding the original pic)


dead dad framesdeader dad frames
dead dad
idk, show up in one (1) map and then get forgotten completely by IS

I saw SomeDenseGuy drawing the FEH gang (and his skeleton jello WIPs) and got inspired to draw Alfonso’s dead dad himself

Was a nice return to armor (and male mugs)

btw sorry bld although his name is Gustav he doesn’t wield the legendary steel blade but are we still allowed to stan him

edit: it’s f2u too


RIP Tale of Ternon huh

Didn’t do much actual contribution but made a mug or two I guess - the tale is gone but I might as well send the characters off to the realm of fehackworld
Bruckner, zealous cavalier with wild hair (scalped off blade!johan’s head)
who gets mauled by a bear (alas, poor minor boss)

Lennox, agent of a certain Mr. Arxhat/Cato
No rhyme in this verse because wtf does cato rhyme with

matoimaru-16 frame
Also drew the hyper oni gyaru Matoimaru from Arknights (fuck the ads btw) (F2U)
Kudos to Blade, Busk for their big help on her face, Busk again for her chest, Pret for unloading a boatload of clothes-folds refs, Xigdar for being Xigdar and lots of other spritans for putting up with my horrid anatomy errors

Note: Extended portrait tiles patch required if you want to use her because her left horn got duplicated in vanilla, thanks to the good old FE8 hackbox bug

Finally, some minor stuff - in an absolute brainlet moment Hoshiguma’s frames were in the completely wrong place, so I decided to touch up mostly her face and mouth frames at the same time



Felt like sticking to the 3/4 face angle would become a giant pitfall, so I ended up drawing the Supreme Overlord of Ice (self-proclaimed) himself, Gundham Tanaka

And since I got sick of looking at my old sprites (and because I didn’t want to be actually productive), I did some touch-ups on the first two sprites I uploaded on the thread so that they actually looked pretty

Haven’t actually finished frames for the two, but that’s a story for another time


I did the same thing when I remake Ribbon Girl and Labelle too. So you’re not the only one who’s sick of their older stuff lol

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Here’s a Shouko Komi portrait, uhh F2U like always

probably meaningless and boring story time begins here

So Komi was the main reason why I decided to try and learn how to aort back in early 2019, though back then I thought I’d do more of digital paintings. Now, it’s October 2020 and I only know how to draw in one (1) art style, and I’m not even super good at it rn.

Regardless, I still felt like paying homage to this manga girl who kickstarted my whole descent into aorting, soo thanks Komi ig


Komi very kyutie, she’s a purty mug


woah 2020 is over oh yeah woo yeah

This is probably going to be longer than most of my other updates

I actually made a portrait for a hack for once: Here’s Miklan ripoff Hercolubus from Hiraeth - Don’t think it needs to be said but not F2U by any means

I’m getting like obsessed with horns or something

For the usual anime stuff, here’s two cute girls, Mudrock from Arknights and Narmaya from Granblue

Also got a Narmaya variant more accurate to her actual womanlet height

Since it’s the end of the year, I made a compilation of all the portraits I drew in 2020 woo happy new year to you FEU and thanks for all your banter and advice

Also I just realised there’s always a horned girl at the end of each row wtf