The mouth of some characters stops moving after a lot of dialogue occurs?

This is the tail end of a long conversation I made, and for some reason Miledy’s mouth stops moving. The only case of [ToggleMouthMove] is used at the very end:

[OpenFarLeft]I cannot abide to your request, General Roy.[A]
[OpenFarLeft]Instead, I will aid your cause.[A]
[OpenFarLeft][ToggleSmile]As one indebted to you for being the only ones
that Her Highness had to turn to in crisis.[A]
Let me show you the might of Bern’s
elite wyvern knights by your side.[A]
You are truly my knight, Melody…[A]

Why does this happen? It has happened before, but the instance was minor enough to ignore at the time. This time it goes on for several sentences, and Guinivere’s mouth continues to move.

Far left and far right are a bit stupid and only do mouthmovements a fraction of the time and that is basicly luckbased.(Also appearently the reason why Marcus does not move his mouth when he and roy have a scripted fight on the titlescreen) Maybe move her a bit more right though a move-command or something. Well, unless this is the first time she talks, then just make her stand more right to begin with.

Also, Melody? I object, chief.
Edit:I hope I did not talk nonsence btw. There was a case where vanilla just does not assign the textbox to where the character is and thus the char does not move. Could be the marcuscase which would make the example not-legit.

I know, I know Melody is a stretch and all. But come on if there was ever an FE name that needed to be changed for localization it’s this one that’s warranted. Not “Gwendolyn”…

The fix was simple enough. Actually I’m not sure why I even moved her to the far left to begin with as I originally had her spawn on the mid left…but well, late night formatting I guess.

Melody is the de facto best translation imo, because it’s the only one I can think of that would be an actual name. As for Wendy, I think Gwendolyn just didn’t fit on the text box, which is probably why she’s Gwendolyn in Heroes.

On a more serious note, I’d advise making a habit to close “ToggleMouthMove”, even if the last thing that’s being said is ellipses.

The thing is, I suspect Milady - despite normally seeming like a form of address rather than an actual name - is a reference.

What do you mean by close? Do you mean to disable it by repeating the command?