The most memorable maps in Fire Emblem?

I wanted to ask the community: What do you think is the most memorable chapter in every FE game? And I mean memorable in general. Not exclusively on gameplay or story. Just a chapter that really sticks with you after you play it, no matter the reason.

One that comes to mind is Awakening Chapter 10: Renewal. It’s not an amazing map gameplay-wise, but it’s also not BAD. But the story context and the presentation, along with the music track Don’t speak her Name, all add up to be one of the most memorable chapters of Awakening… at least for me.

So. What are other chapters that YOU find memorable? You’re welcome to mention multiple from different games, or even from the same game, but try to narrow it down to only 2 or 3 per game.

I want to see what yo guys think are the most memorable chapters across the different Fire Emblem games. So please, like to bump this post so more people can see it, and comment your thoughts below!

(Also, I’m not asking abot ROM hacks or spinoffs. Only mainline games)

EDIT: I should clarify, that I mean memorable chapters in a POSITIVE way. Chapters that people actually enjoy to play. Please don’t make rage discussions about chapters that you consider bad.


Lyn mode chapter 6 because Matthew. That is all

(also the pressure plates which are never used again LOL)


The Nino map. Probably from the number of times I had to reset lol. I also do believe this was when I truly learned how amazing Summoner Phantoms were. I salute you, our brave Fog Explorers.


I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what chapter you’re talking about? Is it Battle before Dawn or Night of Farewells? Also, summoners don’t exist in FE7

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Oh, my lord, you’re right, i’ve conflated the two maps lol

I’m talking about Battle Before Dawn in 7.

The 8 map I was thinking of was Last Hope. They got a similar vibe for sure.


Battle before dawn

Unhappy Reunion


Personally… I’d say Cog of Destiny and The Binding Blade (AKA the Murdock map)


Chapter 8 is the most memorable fe6 map for embodying everything horrible about fe6 and usually being the map that makes me stop playing and wonder why I even wanted to play FE6 to begin with.


Tough question, I got a few personal candidates:

-Vortex of Strategy, Ch8 of Lyn mode. It was the first time I had a unit die (Erk), and the first time I felt the urge to reset a chapter. Oh and also ballista.

-Father and Son, Ch14 of Ephraim route. Took probably 10+ attempts my first time around. Grinded staff rank in the tower of valni with L’Arachel and Artur (I made him a sage) so they could deal with the berserk druids. I eventually just gave up on recruiting Rennac cause I was so tired with the level.

-Ch11 from Path of Radiance, can’t remember the name. This chapter has so much going on. The story significance, the cutscene with Ranulf and the villagers, Zihark and the vigilantes, Jill showing up and making me think I could recruit her, and of course, HIM (don’t wanna spoil it). Overall chaotic and fun chapter, though I had a lot of trouble my first time playing it.


Ch8 is bad, don’t get me wrong, but 10B in the western isles is so, sooo much worse.

Big disagree
Look at this, such “riveting” gameplay here just walking defeated weak enemies that don’t slow you down at all with awful enemy placement.

This is one of the worst designed maps I’ve ever seen in Fire Emblem, or even in video games as a whole design wise. Arcadia sucks but at least there are difficult enemies. 10b is boring but it’s not THIS.


8 is long and boring, and although the boss is way too difficult, it’s a fairly easy chapter.

Meanwhile, I could write a 3-page essay on everything wrong with 10B. To summarize, it has draconian recruitments and secret items, unfairly placed and timed reinforcements, and similar to Ch8, restrictive and unfun map design. The only positive thing is that it’s optional. 11A shares some of its problems, but it’s much more forgiving, especially to blind players.

I’m meant memorable in a positive way. What you’re describing would qualify more as infamous

FE1: The final map, Chosen by Fate. Your party splits in three and fights through dangerous enemies. Great anti turtle incentive in the doors locking, potentially leaving units behind where they could even die as the eventual reinforcements come from the stairs in the closed off rooms. You can always bring a thief or door keys, but at the expense of weapons and units that can fight well. Also if you take it more slowly, the Hero and Manakete reinforcements from the boss room will start coming and impeding your progress. You can’t easily cheese Medeus turn 1 like in FE11 unless Marth rolls a low percent crit, and if he doesn’t have capped strength he needs TWO.

FE4: Chapter 3, Eldigan the Lionheart. Specifically the beginning. The only map in the game that isn’t really linear and takes advantage of its huge size. Most of it is accessible from the beginning, and you have to split up your party, break through the forces surrounding Augusty and defend it, save villages from the pirates, and capture Madino. There are multiple objectives you tackle on the huge map.


Fe5 Chapter 22: This map is peak fe5 in the sense it does everything to brutalize you with Sais’ leader ship stars, Reinhardt being the infamous dire thunder boss, and Coen having blizzard for permanent sleep and berserk for annoyance, I like this map because at this point of the game you probably have a ton of broken units, and it’s a great spot to restock items with great tomes and killer weapons for more casual playthroughs, and finally free warp and rescue is never bad


Kinship’s Bond from FE7, the one where you defend Nils. Green Units are my favorite mechanic in Fire Emblem, and of all the Green Units from the FE games I’ve played, this Mercenary is probably my favorite green unit. For a green unit, he has pretty decent stats, and he will dodge most of the attacks in the enemy phase, while doing decent damage in the green phase, and with the help of Rath, the Wyverns, which are the biggest threat are usually not a problem. If you turtle inside the starting room, the mercenary will live until turn 4 at worst, and turn 7 at best. (Basically, the mercenary will do just fine until Heath comes in.)
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Fire Emblem (U) !.emulator-1
Fire Emblem (U) !.emulator-2
To summarize, I like Kinship’s Bond because of the awesome mercenary that comes in with Rath.


To name a few of my favourites:

  • Fe6 chapter 4

A pretty difficult chapter but fun nonetheless. You have to have a good balance of defending at the bridges as to not get overwhelmed while also having to push forward to get the 2 villages as well as not get taken off guard by the reinforcements.

  • Fe6 chapter 11A

There’s just so much going on in this chapter will all the villages, shops, recruitable units and reinforcements. There are so many different ways to approach the chapter (rescue drop over the wall, go to the broken wall, main entrance, etc).

  • Fe7 chapter 13x

The one where you defend Merlinus. So many different chokepoints to defend with the village in the back of your mind all the while with the turn timer ticking down. The fog also adds a lot of tension to the map and has good synergy with the defend objective imo.


Your best bet is to just use the on-screen keyboard app that comes by default in Windows installations.


Fellas, please. This is meant to be a positive discussion about chapters that are ENJOYABLE. I wanna see what chapters people actually LIKE to play.

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Like I said… the default one

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