The Legacy of Hiraeth: What I Have Planned


Greetings, fellow hyoomans.

I’ve been working on my own personal project since April of last year.
It’s been a real fun ride as of late, but I think I wanted to share a bit of
what I had planned with Fire Emblem Hiraeth, the future of the project, and why
I felt it necessary to start a new topic in the community section of the website
rather than just update the original topic or reply to it. Frankly, this revolves less
around simply Hiraeth: Legacies, and rather the entire objective with my plans.

I have every intent to make three hacks featuring the world created in Hiraeth.
No more, and no less. There will not be a Hiraeth Gaiden. At least, not made by me.
I am sharing this now because I want to be held to it. Once all three
stories are complete and told, I will be allowing other people to explore characters
and time periods mentioned in Hiraeth: Legacies, Hiraeth: Blasphemies, and
Hiraeth: Twin Destinies (Titles of future games subject to change), or even beyond
those settings.

While this may sound like you’ll be able to put Mako in whatever silly hack you
want come 2026 (lol), this will not be the case, and naturally all projects meant
to be exploring the Hiraeth Universe should receive my endorsement first and
manage to maintain it throughout. The details of how this would go about are
unknown and frankly irrelevant at this point.

I am choosing to do this because I believe the world developed is too
vast to not be explored to its fullest potential, and the story I would be
telling is simply one of many possible that could be expressed in
Fire Emblem form.

tl;dr there’s going to be a Hiraeth Expanded Universe. Any questions?

Edit: Depending on negative and positive reaction, this Expanded Universe
idea may or may not happen. A lot can happen inbetween now and then,
but I simply wanted to share my point.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go.




Anything like a flowchart? POC screenies? A rough design? Sounds like a large undertaking and a thread might not be enough to encourage one to finish something as big as what you’re planning.

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What keeps me going is my love for what I have brainstormed and my talented team has brought to life with me. Insanity, too.

I also feel like knowing my end goal keeps me going, as three games is less than infinite and if I had to do this forever I’d probably abandon ship lol.

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marvel cinematic universe more like hiraeth cinematic universe