The Jugdral Continental Project (Finished!)

Beginning some rather simple gap work that just needs a bit of careful attention to world maps.

Agustrian Server

Issac Manster Sea Area?

Orgahil Island

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And some more.

Verdane Coast

And since i did so much stuff ill just post the whole thing.


This progress is looking really good! Love the % progressions, really satisfying to watch the maps get filled in. Looking forward to more!


Means alot mate, maybe ill do a time-lapse for finishing the last gaps. Also i do have potential plans to do another continent since this didn’t take as long as i original thought. (started like 6 weeks ago)

However that shall be talked about another day.

This will be a hack or only a map?

Making it actually playable is really its own serious endeavor. Im sure XNA or Lex Talonis could do it. But ill see when i get around to it.

Finally bothered to finish this mountain

As for other things, the Agustria, Verdane & Miletos are covered in shortgrass.

And finally the rightside coast is done

Going to make a timelapse of the last two gaps, those being the northern coast and that strip area that connects grannvale, miletos & thracia.

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Alright so about 60% of the last bit of gaps is now done.


this is some insane dedication wow! Keep it up good job!

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As a quick update, did a couple of mountains and half way done with the polishing in the north.


Alright so long update, Did two mountains and short-grass for the entirety of the north coast and Silesia and most of Grannvale.


Since this was bothering me and i essentially just wanted to make a seemly much larger mountain than everything but that thracia mountain in the bottom right of the map.
tried the idea that the more shadow the taller and well, myth busted


So with FEE3 Coming up and also my own oath to get this done in two months i gotta hustle with this project, so im probably going to livestream the last chunk of work for this in the FEU Discord later today. As far as the update on this one, got the agustrian mountain to a point were im happy with it, did another one of em in grannvale and also did shortgrass in eastern grannvale.


I have to admit you did a great work on making again these tiles used in the SNES version, perhaps we’ll get FE4 advance in the year.


Oh no it will be something wayy beyond that.

Alrighty time to more or less get this finished very soon, including a timelapse that took 3 hours to render which was not fun.


And Day 2 Update, only three mountains to go!


Well its the moment you have all been waiting for atleast in theory i hope the project has well technically not since i still have stuff to do, particularly making the tileset functional finally comes to an end after two months of pretty fun work.

I would also like to mention that at some point i will do another continental project probably after FEE3, but i haven’t decided on what. So please give some info.

  • Enhanced Thracian Pennisula
  • Elibe
  • Magvel
  • The British Isles

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Do note i will post the .map sometime later.


You’ll have to upload the image with Dropbox or a non-compressed site like maybe Imgur if you want it to be fullsized.

Came out looking great!

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Apologies for completely forgetting to do this (some other things got in the way and i also planned on working seasonal tilesets, which may come at a later date) but here is the download if anybody wants to use it for something, the tileset most likely only works with a game engine however if you want to use it in GBA you can size it down and clean it up in a normal tileset.


DISCLAMER: If you are using this then please inform me of it on discord so im aware of it and credit me in the project due to using the map. Otherwise i will hunt you down

All jokes aside, this is FTU & FTE (free to use and edit, as long as im credited)

If your interested in succeeding projects then i have progress on both Elibe & The British Isles along with other less large projects.

Elibe: The Elibe Continental Project - #2 by Apparoid1
British Isles and other stuff: Apparoid's Den of Stuff (Mainly Maps) - #10 by Apparoid1