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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc., etc.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you here today. I’ve set up a Google form in the hopes of compiling the most famous songs used in hackroms.

I’ll close the form in about a week (~Jan 2nd), or earlier if responses trickle off.

The Rules:

  1. Just submit the song name, original source, a YT link, and whatever hack(s) you remember it from
    1.5 You can submit more than 1 song, just space out your submissions or submit multiple times.
  2. All vanilla FEGBA music is banned (so yes, Army of Verdane is still on the table)
  3. Not a rule, but cool kids don’t list their own hacks (which are epic)

After the results are in I’ll compile a YT playlist consisting on the top 25/20/whatever increment of 5 seems fitting based on the results; and probably share whatever other results are relevant.


finally we’ll all see that TLP’s greatest achievement is actually its memorable OST


His world is such a banger


unironically I’m at the point where I am inclined to try old JRPGs because I heard a good track in a hack somewhere.


If I am understanding this correctly, can we submit multiple songs? Or is it just one song per user?



Just space out the submissions or submit multiple times.


Etrian Odyssey battle themes my beloved

Used as recruitment themes since whenever I know when

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FE09 - Clash
From SaxorTheNobody
YT Link
Hack: The Eligor’s Spear


It’s from FE9, and also you’re supposed to use the google form.

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Vanilla GBA music is banned. Not remixed music from other FE games

As you should, king

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That’s not it lol. You credited it to being a saxor original and also ignored the form.

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Link’s been clicked 40 times but only 14 people have submitted anything. Clearly this just means that some of you are putting your heart and soul into your submission list.

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this is in part why i played covenant of the plume


Form is closed and the results are in!

111 total submissions, with 16 getting more than 1 vote!

The results (alphabetical if tied):

  1. His World (Sonic '06) [7]
  2. Silver Will (The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky) [5]
  3. Venus Lighthouse (Golden Sun) [5]
  4. Ken’s Theme (Street Fighter 2) [4]
  5. To The Sorrowful Battlefield (Super Robot Wars 64) [4]
  6. Confidence in the Domination (Valkyrie Profile) [3]
  7. Corridors of Time (Chrono Trigger) [3]
  8. Harvest Dance (Tactics Ogre) [3]
  9. Earth Bound (Treasure of the Rudras) [2]
  10. First Step Towards War (Ys) [2]
  11. Guile’s Theme (Street Fighter 2) [2]
  12. Lightning (F-Zero) [2]
  13. Master of Water (Lagoon) [2]
  14. Sublime Domain (Valkyrie Profile) [2]
  15. Trisection (Final Fantasy Tactics) [2]
  16. Vs. Ernst (Ys) [2]

…Unsurprising to nobody, TLP dominated the charts.