The Dawn of Destiny

There is absolutely no information in this thread about what this project even is
What am I supposed to gain from it


i second peer’s remark
…you’re literally asking for others to put effort into working on your hack with nothing to show the effort you’ve put into it
and i don’t know, maybe the information about what you’ve done so far is in the discord. but it’s not here, so you’ll be a lot less likely to get people interested in your project.


I did and it is right here

Link: The Dawn of Destiny v1.0

oh, well that’s good then!
i would recommend putting that in your topic then, so people can get an idea for what your project is. sometimes it’s a bit hard to match a hack to its creator

I put in a story on the first prologue for them to understand what is going on with the hack I’m doing.

You should probably include screenshots too like on the main thread for Dawn of Destiny.


You’re right.

Join the discord sever here:

If you have further questions what this sever is about. The link to the information is right here: You Can Be Part of The Hack!

That’s all folks!

Hi there,

You had 3 threads for your one project so I went ahead and merged them into this one. In the future, please bump this thread instead of creating new ones when you have any sort of update for your project.

Have a nice day.


Bump just means reply. When you do itll put the thread at the top of the page.

OK, I will

… Bruh

What is it that you want?

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I’m going to guess they want more people to play the hack?