The Crazycolorz5 Request Thread

I’m in the mood to make small asm hax. But I don’t feel like working on any big projects for the time being. So, hey, let’s give back (wait, what did I take in the first place?)! Hit me with the asm event routines you’ve been dreaming of having in your hack.

  • I’m gonna code event routines or event conditionals.
  • It’s not first come first serve, it’s “out of the requests posted, which do I feel like completing first”
  • I have full rights to deny doing a request, however, I will provide a reason (be it too difficult because X or otherwise)
  • Requests should be posted here, unless it really is some deep dark secret you need to keep for your hack because it won’t do to reveal something cool you have until the player experiences it for the first time.

And maybe (maybe!)

  • Some other routine – but it’s your responsibility to tell me what my parameters are and where to branch to.
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What about that luck-influenced level-up formula I brought up a while ago?(Idea 2 seems less broken but eh)

How about limit the max weapon rank by class?
e.g. Warriors can only have rank B on bows and S on Axes, while Heroes can have rank S in swords and A in Axes. Falcoknights can have rank C on swords and S in spears while Paladins can have rank A in spears and S in Swords.

^.^ Taking a break from mechanics modifications, please.

oh right derp, my mistake
what about–
oh you already saw it

Well then, how about replicate the Karla’s ASM recruitment condition? Check if X character have Y level and it’s promoted or not.

[Try this][1]

The start (after two bytes) should look like 20 01 21 02 or something like that. Replace the 01 with your X (character) and 02 with your Y (level)

But that doesn’t cover if the unit is promoted… or yes?

It only returns true if the unit is promoted.

If you want, I can make a modified version that just considers the level 20 higher if the unit is promoted?

Yeah, that would be great.

Modified version

Also, I’ll be putting all these dumps and sources in my ASM dump (and maybe update the resource index too, eheh) when I feel like it and am not lazy like now.


Freeeeeee goodies!

(If anyone wants to link here from sf, I’d have noooo problem with that. The more dedicated hackers sign up with FEU and do research/read up on it here, the better.

Would it possible to make a version that checks the actual class instead of if they’re promoted or not?
Like if Class X, then this. If Class Y, then that. But neither class has to be “promoted”

Easily. 1 moment.

Thanks for that!
Replace the 0xCA with the character to check and the 0xCB with the class to check against. returns true if that character is deployed and that class, false otherwise.

[Here][1]. It uses setval slot 0xC, which I always use for my hacks.

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Thanks a lot. You’re great!

Can I get a routine that allows specific classes to have more than 1 S rank, preferably a definable number?

For example, sages with three weapon levels but that can only max 2 S ranks. Paladins that can max all three levels normally. Etc.

Currently the only way to have multiple S ranks is if a unit has those S ranks in their base class already as their starting rank, and that’s kinda lame because it removes player progression IMO.