The BEST Fe6 guide not made by young!Mekkah


This person is the best fire emblem player ever. The Armor Knights are ALL better than the other units, with Bors being the best unit in the game. In addition, all the prepromotes except for Percival and Karel suck because of their bad growths (I wonder why he likes Karel? XD)


FE 6 Hard makes it much easier to strengthen Rutger and Clarine at the ch7 Arena.
From ch 8, Lilina will come in, so strengthening her will be even easier.

FE 6 Hard can be cleared even if most characters died.
Japanese Streamer losted as many as 41 units, but he cleared the hard mode.

He played hard mode for the first time.
And he played with a policy not to reset even if the unit died.
Therefore, he lost a lot of units.
Only five unit survived.
However, he cleared the game.


Wow, that Japanese player is really impressive.
But yeah, as much as I like armor knights, you are not allowed to argue that Wendy > Marcus


(and if you can’t tell, I’m making fun of the person who wrote this guide)


He played Iron Man then


Unless you are BlazingKnight


Nah. He used her, but he also accepts that she sucks. And we can at least agree that Fe6 Marcus wouldn’t be as good at her at endgame at least, even if he’s a better unit


In that Streamer’s play, only five people, Roy, Merlinus, Wendy, Clarine, and Igrene, survived.

Roy and Merlinus can not fight.
Therefore, only three people can fight in his troops.

However, even in such a state, he could clear the game.
It was Wendy equipped with Malte that destroyed Zephiel and ended the game.
(Since Fa is dead, it is the ending when you defeat Zephiel.)

FE 6 Hard is difficult, but three people can clear it.
I rediscovered the depth of the game FE to this exquisite balance.

It’s difficult, but not impossible, and if we devise, we can clear even three people.
This game balance is wonderful.

Aside, He favorite Thany.
However, She died from a him mistake.
At that time, he cried.
I saw a person who cries while streaming the game for the first time.