The best and the worst fire emblem class?

so I got bored and I don’t know if anyone has asked this before but:
what is the best and the worst fire emblem class?

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The best fire emblem class is Gba archers, the worst fire emblem class is Master knights. ez.


lol your right.

(I’m basing these from the GBA games since that’s the only games I’ve played so far)
for me I guess the best class is Sages because magic is superior except if against enemies with high resistance and worst for me is fighters because idk, I dislike axe users (with the exception of pirates and berserkers because of them juicy crit bonus and being able to walk on water)

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Best Classes:
Wyvern Riders

Worst Classes:
Archers, simply because of super low class bases
Myrmidons, atleast in 1-2 range games like FE7 or FE8

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wyverns, pegasi, and paladins best generally, bc movement good
worst armor knights, bc armor knights have usually bad move and mediocre stats outside defense. and also archers, bc bows usually suck outside of modern fe and gaiden bc not being able to attack at melee range sucks and archers usually have pretty bad stats

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If we’re talking about gameplay, it’s quite hard to choose one, as most classes have been good in some games and merely average in other games. Generally speaking, I would say that Dragon Knights are overall the best class in the series, taking the spot in virtually every FE game, but they’re hit especially hard in FE4, where they’re inferior to Master Knight, Ranger, Paladin, and arguably even Duke Knight and Falcon Knight. Also generally speaking Snipers are usually the worst class in every game, but in FE1, FE2, FE3, and FE4 there are definitely worse classes and in Three Houses Snipers are superb. Generals are usually subpar too, but I’ll say that Snipers are usually worse.

If we’re talking about which class I personally like the most and the least, then my favorite is Paladin and my least favorite is… I don’t know, probably Warrior but it’s still great.

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There’s a lot of “depends” here because if there is a map full of archers then suddenly flying units aren’t so great. Desert map suddenly mounted units are trash. I do agree in general those are some of the best because of how important movement is.

I’d make an argument for myrmidons/swordmasters in the GBA FEs due to how strong dodge tanking is. Having a max SPD cap allows them to have insane dodge and they can become better at holding a choke than even generals. Take into account 2RN, and if you’re someone who likes to take advantage of supports, even enemies with weapon triangle advantage have a sub 10% chance to hit you most of the time. The only thing that really stops it is Swordslayer, but those are so rare, and swordmasters generally have enough HP to take one hit of it.

I also just have a bias because Joshua is my favorite FE character, and I’ll do anything to rationalize him being the best FE8 unit.


It really varies.
Based mostly in my opinion/preference/playstyle:

• For the GBA series, I’d say fighter is the worst class (because low speed and hit chances) but some warriors are good, specially pre-promotes because no investment required. Archers are arguably worse than fighters because 2 range only and need to be baby-sit and protected. Excluding mounts, I’d say mercenary is the best class because they are fast while not relying on dodging/crits. And heroes are great axe users with their high skill and speed. I also find the GBA mages great because they have better availability, accuracy and speed than shamans, while doesn’t need a promotion to attack like healers. Access to light magic made sages too good in FE8.
• Mounts are op in nearly every Fire Emblem game. Specially cavaliers and paladins with their high move, good stats, control over the weapon triangle and horse-effective weapons not being nearly as common as bows (counters fliers but mostly pegasi) and magic (counters wyverns).

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yep all the replies are neat for me they are paladins,heroes,berserkers,swordmasters,and assassins(my man jaffar).

Going by the GBA series, IMO the best class is probably the Paladin, or any sort of mounted class.
Great movement, good combat, and well, just good.

The worst? Archers and its no contest, grinding one isn’t really worth it either. When they get a chance to shine against fliers, they fail because of the lack of damage. Snipers are similar but better because of simply having better stats because they are promoted.

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best: everything on a horse/flying horse/dragon/wyvern

worst: everything not on a horse/flying horse/dragon/wyvern

extra worst: armors (except for Fates, they’re pretty good in those three games)

it’s not hard to rate a class when you realize that movement is the best stat lol (doesn’t mean I can’t make swordmasters go brrrrr)

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Magic dominates any combat heavy section of SNES or GBA FE and even if I was to agree movement trumps every other aspect of a unit, I would say Valkyrie is the best class before I said Paladin. Either that or the 3H version of the Dark Flier since it has White Magic unlike in the 3DS games.

I’d say the best are Wyvern Riders most of the time.
Archers are bad in many games. But if we look at the history of Lords many of them are terrible before promoting. And even then some just don’t make the cut. They do get access to cool personals but that depends heavily on the character (like with every class).

Which lords would you say just don’t cut it then?

roy, eliwood, lyn, eirika, fe9 ike, micaiah, fe11 marth
id say hector and sov celica too, but they start getting bad later on, rather than being bad earlygame

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Idk bout Ike but he always maxes out speed and skill and almost strength just alittle after I promote him. I can usually solo maps on hard with him if I wanted to as well. I’d say he’s one of the Best lords you’re given. I’d say Roy for sure but I’ve never had problems with Eliwood or Lyn. She’s always my go to dodge tank and I put her at chokeholds once I get her back in the story.

fe9 ike has very mediocre bases, is swordlocked, footlocked, his regal sword isn’t particularly useful bc lol 2x effectiveness, doesnt promote until ch18
the only thing he really has going for him is earth affinity, availability, and pretty decent promo gains

I see where you’re coming from on a technical side but gameplay wise he does just fine. Maybe not on maddening(or whatever they called it in Japan) but out of every other lord imo he’s the easiest to solo most maps with, even on hard mode. I usually get him to lvl 20 by chapter 14 then by the time I fight black knight I have no problem. Maaaaybe dump a speed wing on him and just for extra security a seraph robe but that’s the only reason you’d want to even max him out.

Friendly reminder that “every other lord” includes sigurd and Ephraim♡

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