That One Person Who Appears Out of Nowhere

Helloooo FE community! I think it’s about time I put myself out there in here by introducing myself to you lovely players, artist makers and hackers out here.

I gotta say, I’m such fond of the hardworks that is shared out in here. I don’t have any such creations of my own, but I have learned of how one uses such tools like FEBuilder and FE Recolor all thanks to the people who have provided it. (Props to the creators of these tools and others!)

Now even though I joined this forum like months back, I’ve just been a quiet person but I decided to just put myself out here to be known at least.

I personally want to try out dipping my hands on is story writing! Yes you read this right, story writing. I enjoy creating scenes, so with that being said I hope to one day take part of some fun in helping out with that or maybe even create one. Who knows.

Thank you for reading this far! Lol