Text Ripper? Unparser?

Is there any interest in a tool that can rip .dmps out of a ROM that were non-Huffman compressed? Like if you wanted to convert a ROM from being FEditor-reliant for text edits to the new EA style, you could rip out all text that was edited with FEditor then have automatically set up EA files to reinsert it however?

How about if the text was then unparsed from the .dmp file back to a .txt in script format?

A bit of gauging interest here, but I also have the first half of it done, just wondering if anyone cares or if it’s only me prodding @InvdrZim13 to use EA for /all/ text rather than some.


it’s be interested

Okay, I guess, for now, I’ll just release this into the wild:

TextRipper Prototype

It’s a commandline utility, you so use it through cmd. Though you can also make a .bat file I guess.

Format is "TextRipper Prototype.exe" <romname.gba> <textIDToParse>
Where textID to parse is in hex without the 0x (e.g. AB1 or something).

You can also parse a range with "TextRipper Prototype.exe" <romname.gba> --section -start <startID> -stop <endID>". In this case it also generates EA files for reinserting the dumps.

If you forget, you can run "TextRipper Prototype.exe" --help to display instructions.

TODO in the future: Make unparsing back to .txt files, make it able to unparse non-anti-huffman text (for now it jsut ignores/skips over them)

EDIT: Wrote the command wrong. Should be -stop instead of -end.

Is this for GBA? I would like if somebody knew where I could find a SNES Text Editor…

This version is still just strictly for FE8, as well. I don’t have plans to make it dump SNES text. Furthermore, for now, it only can dump anti-huffman text.

I made a version that unparses text (it goes from a dmp back into text format), so I’m releasing this as V0.0, still going to continue adding options though

Beefed it up a bit.

Added FE6/FE7; this is the help message now.

Ripping a single text ID:
./TextRipper ROMname.gba textID [--FE6|FE7|FE8]

Ripping multiple texts in a row:
./TextRipper ROMname.gba [--FE6|FE7|FE8] --section -start startNumber -stop stopNumber

Ripping everything:
./TextRipper ROMname.gba [--FE6|FE7|FE8] --all

For example, one may say
./TextRipper FE8.gba --FE8 --all
to rip all uncompressed text from a ROM.

(note: ripping everything actually doesn’t work properly yet. Lol. Bear with me.)