Text Box for map sprites [asm]

I would like to have dialogue appear above map sprites rather than the traditional way of above portraits. I do this already with careful camera movement, but it is finnicky and only works with select coordinates. Ideally a hack for a text box displayed above/below map sprites would simply take map coordinates as input. However, it would have to take current map position into consideration as well if it doesn’t reposition the camera at all.


I am not really sure how to make such a hack myself, so I thought I’d ask first to see if anyone would be willing to make it. Or if not, to give me some tips on how to go about making it when I have time to do so.

Thank you.

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Ok, so SOLOTEXTBOXSTART lets you display a text box at any pixel coordinate of the screen. It just doesn’t have the little arrow showing who’s talking, but it is easier to use at least.